Metropolitan Solutions in Berlin

May 31 - June 02, 2016 in Berlin, CityCube

In 2015, the fifth edition of Metropolitan Solutions took place in Berlin for the first time. The German capital city is an ideal location for the world's largest conference / exhibition for “Smart and Green Cities.” Throughout its history, the city of Berlin has experienced unique change and transformation processes. As a growing metropolis, Berlin has an outstandingly developed research landscape, the largest start-up scene in Germany and considerable land use potential. In addition, the political leadership of Berlin has set itself the goal of establishing the city as one of the leading smart cities in Europe. Internationally, Berlin is the capital of the energy transition – a topic that is of great interest to urban decision-makers from around the world.

With a new concept and with Berlin as an urban metropolis, Metropolitan Solutions offers exhibitors and visitors direct access to relevant players. Around 100 companies will exhibit technologies and solutions for the city of the future; about 5,000 visitors and representatives from more than 300 cities are expected at CityCube Berlin.

The spectrum of topics relating to sustainable and intelligent urban development will range from power supply to mobility concepts and from networked lighting or sensor networks to financing issues.

Concrete illustrations for the topics will be provided in the conferences, workshops and exhibition. In addition, there will also be excursions and Smart City tours to visit players and future locations in Berlin. This unique event concept makes Metropolitan Solutions more attractive than ever.
Metropolitan Solutions is turning its gaze to other continents and will also be showing examples from China, Southeast Asia, India and the Arab world alongside local projects and solutions.

Learn more about the Smart City Berlin players and projects at the joint stand of the capital region 2016:



Berlin Partner for Business and Technology

First choice: Berlin Partner for Business and Technology

Berlin Partner for Business and Technology offers business and technology promotion for companies, investors and science institutes in Berlin. With carefully tailored services and excellent links to research, our experts provide an outstanding range of offerings to help companies launch, innovate, expand and secure their economic future in Berlin.

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Smart City Berlin

The future starts here.

The “Smart City Berlin” unit at Berlin Partner for Business and Technology is the first port of call for companies and science and research institutes, and is where project ideas for the city are developed and various applications are initiated and coordinated. Start-ups are also given support with their urban business models. Our unit coordinates a network of more than 130 creative minds working to make Berlin smarter. The network is committed to making Berlin a nationally and internationally renowned laboratory, showcase and reference city for products and services of the future.

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:agile accelerator GmbH

:agile is the Corporate Acceleration Program of E.ON SE. We foster early stage startups and founders to develop their business models and go to market faster. For a period of three months we support the startups with mentoring and coaching, funding up to 30k and working facilities in either Berlin or Düsseldorf.

In the end of the accelerator program all startups are invited to pitch their business model on the so called “demo:day” to the executive managers of E.ON to find a sponsor. Four of the startups that have already successfully pitched on demo:day will be present with us on the MetSol: Digimondo, Muvon, Plazz, Powerfox.

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Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg

The team of the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg is a cooperation between the economic development boards of Berlin and Brandenburg.

We offer a comprehensive range of services to companies considering an investment in the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg – from a single source, and free of charge, whether you would like to invest directly in BER, in the city of Berlin, in one of the region’s central freight villages or at a location with a special sector profile.

BER‘s business environment offers companies two special plus points: the immediate vicinity to the capital and its location at the intersection of the European transport axes between Rotterdam and Warsaw and Scandinavia and South Eastern Europe.

The significant west east European axis from Rotterdam to Warsaw and Moscow via Hanover runs right through the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg.

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Berlin Event

Sustainable Events – Emotions instead of emissions

In applying fresh ideas and smart approaches, we combine perfect event management and environmental awareness into events that leave a lasting impression. In doing so, the main focus is not foregoing things, but rather having fun with smart and environmentally friendly solutions. Corporate events, marketing events or conferences & conventions: We design your event as an extraordinary sustainable experiences for all the senses. Because we are convinced: events with lasting impressions need sustainable concepts.

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Berlin Agency for Electromobility eMO

eMO is the central point of contact for electromobility in the German capital region. eMO pools expertise from business, science, politics and public administration. We link and coordinate the players, acquire new partners for regional, national, and international projects and promote activities. Our partners are the State of Brandenburg, companies, and institutions active in the fields of business and science. Berlin has recognized the economic opportunities of sustainable mobility while offering the best conditions for their application: It is not only the city of carsharing, it also has one of the best public transportation networks in Europe. Electromobility is an integral component of Smart City Berlin.

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The goal of WindNODE is to integrate large renewable generation capacities, electricity grids and energy users, based on a digital network. WindNODE is the showroom of the German capital region and Northeastern Germany. It comprehensively demonstrates the energy transition “Made in Germany” to a national and international audience.

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My energy for my city

“My energy for my city” is an initiative from the heart of Berlin, supported by partners from business, politics and science. The initiative is committed to a smart and cost- effective control of power consumption in order to integrate the fluctuating availability of renewable energy into the existing energy system.

With the help of intelligent demand- side management by companies, organizations and institutions, ten percent of Berlin’s electricity consumption will be made available for potential load shifting.

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Berliner Wasserbetriebe

Clear Water – Clear Information

Water for Berlin

In our view, service is: supply and disposal from a single provider, state- of-the-art technologies, and responsibility towards the city of Berlin and its citizens Water is our element. We take water from the ground, which is then aerated and filtered in the waterworks. That is Berlin’s drinking water – no chemicals. Drinking water in Berlin is a natural product. That is also why it is so hard, or rich in minerals, just as nature provides it.
Used water is wastewater. We take care of that too. It is collected in the sewer system, pumped to the wastewater treatment plants and purified in accordance with the latest standards.

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BuroHappold Engineering

With its 40-year history and more than 1,500 employees at 25 locations BuroHappold Engineering is one of the world’s leading multidisciplinary engineering and consulting firms in the fields of Buildings and Cities.
BuroHappold Buildings provides a holistic and interdisciplinary design approach, which brings together the most diverse engineering services of construction. BuroHappold Cities offers integrated consulting services within the different scales of planning and construction: from urban and regional planning and integrated infrastructure concepts to the design and evaluation of districts and buildings.

We host a panel at the conference “Flüchtlinge willkommen? Flüchtlinge integriert!” where we discuss the interim results of our study on Berlin’s current in-migration and the growth of the city. In addition we present our “Game of Zones” in the CORA-BrainBox making sustainable synergies in urban areas a playful experience.

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DGI Bauwerk Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH

DGI Bauwerk is an independent architectural and general planning practice with Headquarters in Berlin and branch offices in Frankfurt/M and Hamburg. With more than 30 years of professional practice we offer services from Demand Assessment and Feasibility Studies to General Planning and Project Management including Quantity Surveying. As German architects and engineers we are used to playing the leading and coordinating role in building projects.

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Ebee Smart Technologies GmbH

The Ebee Smart Technologies’ charge points can simply be mounted on streetlamps or other street furniture. Getting its electricity from there, this charging solution is flexible, needs just small space and helps reducing installation costs. As integrated core element, the compact intelligent charge point controller can be separately purchased. Ebee cooperates with major partners such as Bender Group, EnBW, easycharge a.s.o.

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EIT Digital

From smart cities to smart citizens

The Digital Cities Action Line leverages the digital transformation of the cities through centralised, participative and collaborative interactions between city actors: government, city service providers, industry, and citizens. This transformation enables the deployment of disruptive information, mobility and safety services in the cities.
By 2050, the global urban population will rise by 75 percent to 6.3 billion (that will be two thirds of the world population). The challenge of developing and maintaining attractive, inclusive and safe urban environments needs to be met on multiple fronts. Mobility, safety and information are key areas that are affected.

They will benefit from the increasing openness of smart citizens to participate in a sharing economy and developments in autonomous transport.

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Enterprise Europe Network

Helping small companies make the most of the business opportunities in the European Union is the Enterprise Europe Network’s mission.

You don’t know where to start when looking for international partners? Don’t have the resources to apply for EU funding? Have no idea who could nance your business? We’re there to help. We want to make sure your company benefits from the EU Single Market as much as the big players do.

Our experts can help you find international business partners, source new technologies and receive EU funding or nance. And they can advise you on issues so diverse as intellectual property, going international, or EU law and standards.
The Enterprise Europe Network brings together business support organisations from more than 50 countries. They are connected through powerful databases and know Europe inside out. Set the course for your success in Europe and get in touch with your local Network contact point today.

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First Sensor AG

25 years after its foundation in Berlin, First Sensor AG is one of the world’s leading providers of sensor technology.
By focusing on the industrial, medical and mobility growth markets, we help to shape the future of the economy and of society against the backdrop of trends such as Industry 4.0, smart buildings or autonomous driving.

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GASAG Berliner Gaswerke AG

GASAG: The energy partner for customized, innovative energy solutions
The challenges the energy sector is facing are growing. On the other hand, the experience gained along with innovative approaches have increased the means of dealing with these challenges, allowing the “right t” to be developed for the energy concepts even of highly complex projects. The many novel yet sustainable solutions available at the GASAG Group, which can be put together in different combinations, have taken energy management to a new level.

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Greenpack GmbH

The GreenPack System consists of battery modules (GreenPacks), that are easily manually exchangeable and wich can be used in many different applications, E-scooters and other electric vehicles.
The GreenPack can be charged with renewable energy. Dimension and weight allow an easy handling. GreenPack is an “open source” project. GreenPacks can be manufactured by different companies if they agree to adhere to the standards. Thus, cell chemistry, capacity, current limits and allowable temperatures can widely differ.

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ICE Gateway GmbH

ICE refers to emerging markets for ICT and Energy. ICE Gateway is a disruptive solution which replaces the single-purpose electronic for LED lights, with the multi-purpose device called ICE Gateway. The ICE Gateways connect via dedicated wireless ICE M2M network to our secure ICE servers to build the connected digital infrastructure in outdoor area. Our sustainable solution can be upgraded to grow with customer needs. We offer a whole range of services based on this infrastructure such as intelligent LED lights, real time traffic, parking, Hotspots, local content services, security and more.

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infrest - Infrastruktur eStrasse GmbH

The infrest construction site atlas, combined with the “eStrasse” (eRoad) portal serving the automated retrieval of information on lines and pipes for construction projects, is the basis for creating greater transparency for public works projects.
It provides a smart networking solution to all stakeholders who are using the public space concerned, maintaining it, developing it, or working with it for projects of their own. The tool serves to coordinate and more efficiently plan events limiting public road areas, such as the operation of construction sites, thus reducing the impacts on traf c, the environment, and residents.

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KIC InnoEnergy Germany GmbH

The challenge is big, but our goal is simple: to achieve a sustainable energy future for Europe. Innovation is the answer. New ideas, products and solutions that make a real difference, new businesses and new people to deliver them to market.
At KIC InnoEnergy we support and invest in innovation at every stage of the journey – from classroom to customers. With our network of partners we build connections across Europe, bringing together inventors and industry, entrepreneurs and markets, graduates and employers, researchers and businesses.

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Our wireless networks introduce the Internet of Things into various smart city applications, e.g. district heating, district energy networks, control systems, or industrial controller networks.

Main features: Self-configuring, self-healing topology; High data transfer rate; Long-range communication; Robust in difficult terrain; No external antenna necessary; AES encryption: no tampering or tapping

We are part of the worldwide SAMSON network: a synonym for high-quality work, entrepreneurial spirit, and innovative strength. SAMSON operates wherever there is controlled ow of vapors, gases, and liquids.

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Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt

METROPOLIS Policy Transfer Platform

The Policy Transfer Platform is developed and run by the city of Berlin as part of Berlin’s Metropolis Initiative on Policy Transfer (2015- 2017). With your help, we aim to provide a global resource for urban practitioners, experts and researchers who wish to learn from examples around the world in order to improve their own city. We work with the world’s leading urban awards to provide you with a one-stop shop for internationally recognized case studies. If you are active in the urban eld and want to contribute, we invite you to register and participate!

Tell the world about your best projects! We are also currently seeking institutional partnerships that further broaden the knowledge base of the platform. Join our community and share your feedback, ideas and questions with us.

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Stromnetz Berlin GmbH

Stromnetz Berlin GmbH is responsible for Berlin’s distribution grid. The distribution grid consists of sub-grids at high voltage (110 kV), medium voltage (10 kV) and low voltage (0.4 kV) and is linked to the upstream transmission grid via substations.

Our distribution grid efficiently supplies all customers with energy and is available to all users to the same degree, regardless of which energy supplier they have chosen.

We are developing our energy grid further with innovative smart grid solutions and efficient asset management. We are a partner to Berlin’s urban community and enable households, businesses and institutions to live, trade and work sustainably.

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ubitricity Gesellschaft für verteilte Energiesysteme mbH

ubitricity offers the break-through solution to reduce charging spots to low-cost SimpleSockets (switchable system sockets) and yet to ensure smart charging with green electricity and billing everywhere. ubitricity smarts-up EV users by providing them with a SmartCable (smart charging cable). The SmartCable includes authorization, metering and mobile communication. EV users bring their personal electricity tariffs bundled to the SmartCable to each SimpleSocket: they charge smart and green everywhere.

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Vattenfall Europe Wärme AG

Vattenfall Wärme in Berlin

Vattenfall Wärme, provider of heating services in Berlin, is a key driver of the Energy Transition in Berlin’s heating sector. We stand for locally produced heating and cooling for our growing city. And we are a dependable partner of the city, finding smart, sustainable energy solutions for our customers in the housing sector, public institutions, trades and industry. Small and large scale combined heat and power generation assets are the backbone of customer-friendly, individual heating solutions. We increasingly place our focus on integrating renewable energies into urban heating for Berlin neighbourhoods.

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