The Berlin-Partners

Berliner Verlag GmbH

The DuMont Berliner Verlag publishes the daily newspapers Berliner Zeitung and Berliner Kurier as well as the weekly newspaper Berliner Abendblatt.
The Berliner Zeitung reaches 325,000 readers daily in Berlin and Brandenburg and has 67.609 subscribers (Mon-Sat). Sold edition (including e-paper) Mon to Sat 92.263 (source: IVW IV/2017, MA 2016). The Berliner Kurier informs daily 251.000 of Berlin’s and Brandenburg’s inhabitants and counts 21.757 subscribers (Mon-Sat/Sun). In the eastern districts, the Berliner Kurier is the evident market leader with 127,000 readers among Berlin’s sold newspapers. Sold edition Mon-Sat/Sun: 68.837 copies; Sat/Sun: 105.519 copies (source: IVW IV/2017, MA 2016). The Berliner Abendblatt is published in 20 different local editions on Saturdays in all Berlin districts. Edition: over 1.47 million copies.