The Berlin-Partners

Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH

With around 33 million passengers in 2016, Berlin is Germany’s third-largest airport location. Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH currently operates two airports in Berlin: Schönefeld Airport to the south-east of the city and (through its subsidiary, BFG) Tegel
Airport to the north-west of the city centre. All air traffic in Germany’s capital region will be concentrated at Schönefeld. For this reason, the airport company is planning and building the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER). As the first step in this project, Tempelhof Airport closed on 30 October 2008. The closure of Tegel Airport will follow after the new airport opens. Schönefeld Airport has been undergoing further development since 2016 and will continue to be used for several years after the opening of BER. At the same time, the airport company is developing the master plan for the needs-based development of the site, in order to provide sufficient capacities for the coming decades.