The Berlin-Partners

WBM Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Berlin-Mitte mbH

The WBM is the largest public housing company in Berlin’s popular Mitte and Friedrichshain districts and manages aprx. 30,000 apartments and 280,000 sqm of commercial space. Reknown architects of the East German modernism like Hermann Henselmann designed significant architectural landsmarks such as the heritage listed highrise at Weberwiese and the Haus des Lehrers. The WBM focuses on the development of the company’s real estate stock, continuously enhances the value of through renovation. With our innovative building program we will increase the number of our affordable apartments up to 40,000 units by 2026. The WBM’s Concept Green, "think green, act green" actively contributes to an environmentally-friendly Berlin city Center, The WBM also established the website JEDER M² DU (every sqm you), Germany's leading cultural platform focussing on the history, future and design aspects of pre-fabricated apartment blocks.