The Berlin-Partners

Yorck-Kino GmbH

With its 13 venues, 36 screens and 1.5 million annual visitors, Yorck Kinogruppe is Germany's largest group of independent cinemas.

It is our goal to bring the best films to the most beautiful cinemas. This is something we have strived for since a group of students surrounding Georg Kloster opened their first theatre in 1977. Our cinemas have been home to the Berlinale as well as countless other festivals and specials programs ever since. In 2004, Georg Kloster was joined on the managing board by Christian Bräuer.

We see ourselves as a cultural mediator, providing a thoughtful selection of the most moving, interesting, entertaining and inspiring films. Recognizing that movie-going is an experience that transcends the film itself, our range of theatres provides a high quality setting to enjoy the cream of the cinematic crop.