Berlin Master Chefs

25 years Berlin Master Chefs

The Berlin Master Chefs celebrate their 25th anniversary and position the capital once again as a hotspot of creative culinary art and diverse food movement. Berlin Partner has been honoring Berlin's best chefs every year since 1997 and presents the diversity of gastronomy as an important image factor for the Berlin brand by means of the ambassadors of the Berlin Master Chefs. Since then, more than 130 chefs, restaurateurs and neighborhood masters have been honored in various categories and, with their upscale restaurant culture, represent the gastronomy scene as an important economic and image factor of Berlin.

As a result of the Corona pandemic, the gastronomy sector has not only had a particularly challenging year, but also a particularly innovative one, demonstrating its creativity and ingenuity. As a result, this year not only honors the new award winners, but also recognizes and supports those from previous years.

As a highlight of the 25th anniversary of the Berlin Master Chefs, the event will be opened to Berliners for the first time with our exclusive street food market "The place to taste" on August 21, 2021. Here, guests can expect an atmospheric stroll in the courtyard of the Royal Porcelain Manufactory KPM and specially prepared dishes from the Berlin Master Chefs as a culinary experience.

Thanks to the support of an independent jury of top-class food journalists, the new master chefs will be honored in seven categories at the anniversary event on August 20 in front of around 300 invited guests from politics, science and culture.


Award winners of the Berlin Master Chefs


Star cuisine homemade at home

Bring fine dining home and prepare it yourself - the award winners of the Berlin Master Chefs make it possible.

They make their own recipes available for re-cooking. So everyone can taste their own Master Chefs dish at home.

So you can choose your favorite recipe, buy it and start cooking in your own kitchen.

Photos of the dishes can be shared under #berlinisst.

Berlin Master Chefs Jury 2019

Chronicle of the 1997-2020 Berlin Master Chefs