Together for Berlin: A City's success stories!

Berlin's economic structure is diverse and characterized by well-established industrial firms, strong small to medium-sized companies, a dynamic service sector as well as innovative high-tech companies.

Many of these companies are involved with the Berlin Partner Network. Together with Berlin Partner for Business and Technology, they work to promote Berlin as a business-friendly location.

Because we are proud of the great products made in Berlin, we have chosen to offer our guests gifts made by manufacturers based here in our city. Beautifully crafted items, such as headphones from Teufel, a company with its own rich history, and cufflinks from jewelry and metal designer Michaela Binder are just two examples of the innovation and creativity found in Berlin.

Innovation through cooperation

Two companies, one goal: Teufel and Berlin Partner for Business and Technology are working together in the Berlin Partner network for Berlin. Success and the continually growing community of Teufel fans strengthen both the company Teufel as well as the business hub that is Berlin.

Teufel manufactures all kinds of speaker systems and audio accessories. The Berlin-based company now has one of the largest Hi-Fi development departments in Germany. For good reason: the German capital is considered particularly innovative when it comes to developing new products. Berlin-based companies work very closely with creative professionals and scientists.

Founded in Berlin-Neukölln in 1980, Teufel had the idea to provide "Hi-Fi for everyone" with affordable loudspeaker kits. Now Teufel is the largest direct seller of loudspeakers in Europe. A total of nearly 200 people work to manufacture the stereo and home theater speakers as well as multiroom streaming systems.

Teufel, whose products are exclusively sold to direct customers, opened a flagship store in the newly opened Bikini Berlin in the City West in 2014. Here, visitors can experience the typical Teufel sound and high quality standards firsthand.

Accentuation through transformation

Berlin metal designer Michaela Binder produces unique pieces of jewelry whose combination of materials contrasts with traditional ideas. The basic concept of her collection is versatility. Each piece of jewelry is fitted with a colorful felt inly that can be changed depending on the wearer's mood or clothing.

It is innovative ideas like this that feed the economic success of the creative hub that is Berlin. This is the right place for those who create art and culture – design and film, fashion and music, art, culture and communication.

Players in the creative industries stimulate the development of new products and new markets. As economic development corporation for the state of Berlin, Berlin Partner of Economics and Technology works closely with the creative scene and its creators, supporting companies in the creative and cultural sector with tailored offers.

Michaela Binder opened her workshop gallery in August 2004 in Berlin-Mitte, just a stone's throw from the Hackesche Höfe.

In addition to her own work, she also displays extraordinary jewelry by regional and international designers. The varied exhibitions provide insights into contemporary jewelry creation and the applied arts.

A bear is conquering the world: Buddy Bears from Berlin

Since 2001, it has become impossible to imagine the streets of Berlin without Buddy Bear – a friendly, smiling, two-meter-tall bear. The centuries-old emblem now has a new role cheerfully welcoming Berlin residents and their guests.

The bear sculptures painted by artists have now become known far beyond the borders of Berlin. In addition to the bears on the streets of Berlin, the "United Buddy Bears" exhibitions are a complete work of art that promotes tolerance, international understanding and peaceful coexistence throughout the world. Every bear in the exhibitions represents a country that is recognized by the United Nations. The more than 140 bears stand next to each other on equal footing, "hand in hand" in a large circle. Over 30 million visitors on five continents have now seen the "United Buddy Bears."

The initiators of the project, Eva and Klaus Herlitz, have made their Buddy Bear activities inseparable from help for children in need. Revenue from auctions of sculptures from the "United Buddy Bears" circle benefits children in need throughout the world.

Berlin Partner has collaborated with Buddy Bär Berlin GmbH from the first day of its existence, providing an information and networking platform for creative ideas and entrepreneurial commitment. Its specialized services include approval management as well as support for internationalization projects and trade fairs.

We hope you enjoy the animal symbol of Berlin: your own little Buddy Bear with plenty of heart and soul!
be tolerant
be buddy
be berlin

Berlin is inspired: A genuine piece of Berlin's fashion culture

In recent years, Berlin has developed into an international fashion hotspot. It is a place where internationally successful labels of all kinds, from avant-garde newcomers to established fashion scene companies, rub shoulders.

Berlin Partner for Business and Technology provides a networking platform for designers and Berlin-based fashion labels and companies. As a central point of contact for companies, Berlin Partner enables tailored services – support with financing and funding issues and dealing with local authorities – as well as approval management, the recruitment of professionals, not to mention internationalization projects and trade fairs.

One successful Berlin designer is Agnes Friedrich. She studied at the prestigious ESMOD Fashion School and has remained true to the city. Since she has a special affinity for graphic and textile trends, international labels such as ODEEH, Bogner and THU THU also appreciate her.

Agnes Friedrich has designed a graphic motif exclusively for Berlin Partner, which adorns this silk scarf.