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Diversity Welcomed by Berlin-Partners

24. January 2023 – Where else is diversity better experienced than in our capital city, which stands for inclusion and openness? For a business hub like Berlin, a culture of diversity is important for jobseekers and corporate, cultural and scientific institutions when choosing a location. The Berlin Partner network presented some of its best practices on the subject of diversity at the Berlin Partner New Year’s Talk at Axica

More than 30 people with physical and mental impairments were involved in value-creating work processes at BERLIN-CHEMIEGegenbauer Holding SE&Co.KG prepares disadvantaged teenagers for regular vocational training with its Flanke project, which is followed by the offer of prospects at their company. At Microsoft, diversity plays a major role during the recruitment process as well as in the development of new products and services. NTT campaigns for the ‘Silver Society’ and is committed to creating optimum working conditions for diverse employees. The Catholic University of Applied Social Sciences in Berlin focusses on respecting diversity at the institution. In the following entertaining interviews, Daniela Karandjulov from Newsweek highlighted the various dimensions of diversity and encouraged further discussion on the topic.  

To conclude, Fetsum Sebhat and Teddy Tewelde presented the PxP Festival, Europe’s largest benefit concert for children which also serves as an action platform for promoting educational reform, innovation and equal opportunities.  

We wish to thank all participants for a diverse and exciting networking event.


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