Proud as ever - Berlin Partner hon-ors the Berlin Master Chefs 2019

The Berlin Master Chefs of 2019 will show off their skills at the gala dinner in the BOLLE Festsälen where they will present their Berlin-Menu – created exclusively for the occasion – to 350 guests from business, politics and the world of gastronomy. It’s destined to be a culinary journey that highlights the craft of pleasure through five deli-cious cuisine styles. Featuring items such as a freshly baked caraway sea salt baguette with caramel butter and baby radish to hand-crafted agnolotti with potatoes and locally sourced Havelzander ceviche, the menu shows just how rich Berlin's culinary resources are. The categories and courses of the Berlin-Menu highlight both the various aspects of Berlin’s globally inspired cuisine as well as the regional origins of its chefs. By honoring Berlin’s Master Chefs each year, Berlin Partner seeks to showcase Berlin’s culture of fine cuisine and hospitality as a key factor driving the city’s positive image and economic boom.

Dr. Stefan Franzke, Berlin Partner CEO: „Once again, the prizewinners represent Berlin's culinary diversity, from Wilmersdorf and Moabit to Schöneberg and Mitte. They’re innovative, trend-setting chefs who are exploring new areas such as zero waste as they honor and revive old crafts, attract top international chefs to Berlin, foster col-laborative work and achieve a fine balance between regional ingredients and cosmopolitant dishes. All of this makes the city not only an extraordinary location for great food, but a great place to live and love. Our special thanks go to our independent jury, which year after year sets itself the challenging task of finding Berlin’s Master Chefs – always with a view to something new.“

The issue of sustainability concerns us all and is part of the format of Berlin’s Master Chefs: Particularly in the gastronomy sector, sustainability-oriented work is gaining traction as an issue that is reflected in this year’s ros-ter of award winners.

As the chefs prepare the Berlin-Menu for 2019 in the show kitchen at the BOLLE Festsälen in Berlin, they will be honored course by course, category by category: Master Chef jurors will present award-winners with individually made, hand-painted plates from the the royal KPM Berlin porcelain manufactory as well as an exclusive bottle of Pommery champagne.


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Winner „Berlin Master Chefs 2019“

Berlin Master Chef 2019:

Björn Swanson – GOLVET
Laudatory speech: Annika Schönstädt, Journalist for the Berliner Morgenpost

Newcomer of the Year 2019:

Sophia Rudolph – Panama
Laudatory speech: Eva-Maria Hilker, Jury Vice-Chair, Publisher of EssPress

Best Berlin Host 2019:

Mathias Brandweiner – POTS
Laudatory speech: Stefanie Hofeditz, freelance editor / journalist, B.Z., BILD, Ich&Berlin

Most Fashionable Berlin Restaurant 2019:

Laudatory speech: Jan-Peter Wulf, journalist and founder of nomyblog

Berliner Kiezmeister 2019:

Domberger Brot-Werk
Laudatory speech: Dr. Erwin Seitz, freelance journalist, author and restaurant critic

Culinary Innovator 2019:

Bernhard Moser – eat! berlin THE FEINSCHMECKERFESTIVAL
Laudatory speech: Bernd Matthies, Jury Deputy Chair, Der Tagesspiegel


The Berlin-Menü

1. At the table:

„Berliner Kiezmeister 2019“ – Florian Domberger, Domberger Brot-Werk
Caraway sea salt baguette with caramel butter and baby radish, together with „Berlin Master Chef 2019” – Björn Swanson, GOLVET


„Best Berlin Host 2019“ – Mathias Brandweiner, POTS
Curry cappuccino with lobster

1. Entrée

„Berliner Szenerestaurant 2019” – FREA
Hand-crafted agnolotti with potatoes, caramelized onions and herbs, pickled pumpkin and creamy mushroom sauce

2. Entrée

„Newcomer of the Year 2019“ – Sophia Rudolph, PANAMA
Locally sourced Havelzander ceviche with salted lemon, capers and parsley

Main course

„Berlin Master Chef 2019“ – Björn Swanson, GOLVET
Nebraska short ribs with kale, polenta and black chantrelles


Masterful desserts will be served at the Berlin Master Chefs’ aftershow party: Guests can choose here from a variety of Berlin desserts: Femme de Virunga chocolate with plum created by Björn Swanson from Golvet; malted milk Dulce de Leche by Sophia Rudolph and coconut-edelweiss caramel, yuzu and white tea from the restaurant Pots as well as delicious fruit bread from the Domberger Brot-Werk.

More than 500 people will be celebrating with DJs and good food and drink at the Berlin Master Chefs’ aftershow party, which is open to all Berliners: At each food station, you’ll find the sweet and savory snacks suited perfectly to the delicious drinks served at the many featured bars.


Our esteemed partners
The Weinmichel is a fine accompaniment to the Berlin menu of exquisite wines. This year will also mark the first time the prizewinners and the service staff will be wearing personalized clothing made by the Greiff company. Infarm will provide fresh take-home herbs on the tables and Metro Germany will provide an assortment of goods.


The Berlin Master Chefs 2019 jury
The independent jury, comprised of Berlin’s leading food journalists and connoisseurs evaluates not only the quality of the culinary art but also the originality of the creations, food presentation, service quality and the location’s ambience. The jury consists of the following members:

  • Dr. Stefan Elfenbein, Jury Chair, Author for the German-language magazines Der Feinschmecker and FOODIE
  • Prof. Dr. Dieter Großklaus, Honorary President of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs
  • Eva-Maria Hilker, Jury Vice-Chair, EssPress
  • Bernd Matthies, Jury Deputy Chair, Der Tagesspiegel
  • Stefanie Hofeditz, freelance editor / journalist, B.Z., BILD, Ich&Berlin
  • Marion Hughes, Raufeld Media GmbH
  • Tina Hüttl, Berliner Zeitung
  • Nikolas Rechenberg, Gourmetwelten
  • Annika Schönstädt, Berliner Morgenpost
  • Dr. Erwin Seitz, freelance journalist, author and restaurant critic
  • Jan-Peter Wulf, journalist and founder nomyblog


Berlin Master Chefs
Berlin Partner has celebrated the best chefs in the Berlin-Brandenburg region every year since 1997. By honoring the Berlin Master Chefs, Berlin Partner helps showcase the city’s sophisticated restaurant culture and diverse culinary scene as an important part of Berlin’s economy and image. More than 130 chefs and restaurateurs have so far been awarded prizes in the various categories featured by the Berlin Master Chefs. Previous prize winners include Daniel Achilles, Sebastian Frank, Tim Raue and Markus Semmler.