Berlin Startups go International

Berlin Startups are international. They attract venture capital from all around the world, are involved in international markets and employ many international employees. As most of the products from Berlin startups have to compete in global markets, it is important to scale up timely and enter new markets in the most efficient way.

That is why Berlin Partner is working to facilitate access to global lead markets for Berlin startups.


Who is this program for

This program is aimed at Berlin startups that ...

  • Are looking for international cooperation partners or
  • would like to expand and enter new markets or
  • are rising capital internationally or
  • are recruiting internationally.

Participating startups have to be beyond the idea phase, there has to be at least a prototype of the product.

Why should you apply

If you want to be present in these cities, you should apply for this program.

Accepted startups receive free office space in international coworking spaces, access to excellent startup networks in the respective startup community and mentoring about main topics of market development.

With this, not only the respective coworking spaces on site are helping but also our global partners.


With our program, we currently cover four international startup hubs:

Tel Aviv: Visit Startup Nation

Berlin Startups who are interested in the startup nation of Israel and especially Tel Aviv can take advantage of this program. This offer is aimed at all Berlin startups, regardless of what stage the business is in. It is a possible stay period of one week to three months. Startups receive mentoring and networking with major players, a free desk in the city-owned coworking space "The Library" and access to Tel Aviv's hottest startup events.


New York City: Brooklyn Tech Hub

In the spirit of "If you can make it there ..." Berlin Partner also offers the opportunity to test the US market from the most important metropolis of the US east coast. Berlin startups, that are interested in the quirky hotspot New York, receive free desk space from one to four weeks at our partner WeWork NYC or fintech incubator RISE NYC. Startups also receive mentoring and access to New York's hottest startup events.


Shanghai: Explore the Asian Market

China is marked by superlatives: In addition to the largest population China also has the highest purchasing power in the world. A rapidly growing e-commerce and online services sector built up in the last years, making China an attractive market for so B2C startups. These economic dynamics are part of a vibrant startup culture: Shanghai is developing into a startup hub, comparable to Berlin or London, and is strongly influenced by digital companies.

Participating startups receive within the Start Alliance Berlin free work space at coworking spaces, business connections to the relevant stakeholders of the Shanghai startup ecosystem as well as mentoring and coaching. Local partners are the Science Park TUS-Park Shanghai, the venture capitalists Techcode and China Accelerator.


Paris: LandingPack/Explore

You are a fast-growing startup under 10 years old from Berlin looking to expand into France? What about becoming a Parisian entrepreneur for a month and deep diving into the bustling Parisian startup scene? ParisLandingPack/Explore is a business acceleration program providing a complete tool kit on doing business in France. We aim to create ideal conditions for foreign entrepreneurs to validate their product on the French market and explore business opportunities in Paris.

What we offer: we provide meaningful connections to the Parisian innovation ecosystem as well as bespoke workshops and events. During 4 weeks, you will also get one free desk in a coworking space in one of the top neighborhoods in Paris, surrounded by peers from all over the world. The offer is limited to 1 free desk for 1 startup. Who we are looking for: Fast-growing startups based in Berlin, under 10 years old and looking to expand into France.


International Partner Network

Benefit from our network of international partners. They offer different services within this program: