From Energiewende to Energy Transition:

European Perspectives on Smart Energy Systems

Leaving the paths of former ernergy generation, distribution and consumption patterns towards a sustainable, renewable and smart energy system is a main challenge for many European regions.

In Germany the process of „Energiewende“ which stands for energy transition has been started almost two decades ago. Nowadays, we entered the second phase of energy transition: Integrating large shares of RES into the digitized, smart energy system.

The large-scale project WindNODE from northeastern Germany wants to start a joint discussion with different European regions that face similar challenges when it comes to the next steps of energy transition. It aims at initiating an exchange of ideas and know-how within Europe and looking forward to a future energy union.


Thursday October 26, 2017
11:00 am – 4:30 pm

Avenue des Arts 56, 1000 Brussels