The Berlin-Partners Sciences

Coca-Cola Deutschland

More than 130 years ago, in 1886, Coca-Cola was invented in Atlanta. In Germany, “Essener Vertriebsgesellschaft für Naturgetränke” filled the first bottle in 1929. Since then, we have been deeply rooted in this country.
We fill approximately 99 percent of our products sold here, in Germany. In this connection, we source around 90 percent of the production factors in this country. Our portfolio includes in Germany more than 80 products from all segments of non-alcoholic soft drinks. Around one third of our beverages is low in calories or has no calories at all. We are constantly enlarging our beverage portfolio.
Coca-Cola GmbH, with registered office in Berlin, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta. Together with Coca-Cola European Partners Deutschland GmbH, which fills and sells the beverages of the Company, it constitutes the German Coca-Cola Organization.