The Berlin-Partners

PanAm Lounge

Mission Statement
In the very same sumptuous setting that the glistening, guiding personalities of an optimistic, forward-looking time have gathered since 1966, we draw upon the charming service of Pan American World Airways to offer the perfect framework for private and frolicsome merrymaking, as well as formal and official celebrations.
Company Profile
Since its reawakening 13 years ago, the Pan Am Lounge has continuously hosted a wide range of private functions, including press conferences, parties, cocktail receptions, motivational seminars, discussion groups, or simply carefree afternoons spent congregating around the fireplace. Located adjacent to the Gedächtniskirche, our tenth-floor penthouse’s spacious rooftop terraces unfold a breathtaking view over the city and its landmarks. The lavish lounge, originally drafted for private use by Pan Am crewmembers, has been perfectly preserved, and its 1966 interiors remain in pristine condition. Alongside the Gobelin Tapestry Room and Lounge area, it boasts of a small dancefloor as well as an open fireplace in the Willy Brandt Fireside Room.