The Berlin-Partners

pi4_robotics GmbH

pi4_robotics GmbH is the leading manufacturer of machine vision systems, automatic inspection systems and humanoid robots, based in Berlin, Germany. Currently its system solutions are particularly used in such industry sectors as photovoltaics, automotive, glass, medicine and pharmaceuticals, fuel cell manufacturing as well as in the field of ceramics. In the photovoltaic industry pi4_robotics is leading the way with its quality inspection systems based on electroluminescent technology. In 2010, pi4_robotics GmbH raised public awareness by introducing its workerbot. workerbot is the first humanoid factory worker worldwide that can be acquired by purchase. This product has won inter alia the MM Awards at Automatica 2010, the Tech-Star 2010 at the trade fair Vienna-Tec, and became a finalist at euRobotics TechTransfer Award 2011. The 4th generation is the winner of the Innovationspreis Berlin-Brandenburg 2016. Matthias Krinke, M. Eng., founded the company pi4_robotics GmbH 1994. Since 1994 its headquarters and manufacturing facilities has been located in Berlin. Currently the company has almost 50 employees and 5 robots working in Germany. Sales and service partners in 29 countries with 43 offices have been representing the company worldwide since 2003.