The Berlin-Partners


COPRO is an independent real estate developer and investor with projects primarily in Berlin and Stuttgart. Independent and managed by its founder Marc F. Kimmich, the company was started in Berlin in 1993 and specialises in complex property development projects and renovating exceptional residential and commercial properties, many of which are historically protected buildings. With expertise in project development, sales and services, renting and property management, COPRO services span the entire life cycle of a property. The company’s fast growing real estate portfolio currently comprises 22 properties, measuring over 70,000 square metres in total. Of that, about two-thirds are commercial spaces and one-third residential. Portfolio highlights include Kaiserbau on Marienplatz in Stuttgart, built in 1911; the development of Geisberg Berlin, a residential project that represents a brand new kind of community-based residential project located in a historical post office in the Schöneberg section of Berlin; and the transformation of the historical complex of buildings into the 21st century known as GLINT in Berlin’s Mitte district. In addition, with the project Urbane Mitte Am Gleisdreieck the company is developing a property measuring 4.3 hectares with a total planned usable area of 119,000 square metres. Located just a stone’s throw away from Potsdamer Platz, the area is slated to be revitalised as a dynamic, modern urban district. As a responsible developer, COPRO takes a holistic approach to every property. The company demonstrates its commitment to community through a variety of social and cultural projects connected to the company and property locations.