Companies invest like never before in Berlin 

Berlin is increasingly becoming the focal point of international founders, entrepreneurs, investors and young talents ¬– a fact that the 2014 annual report from the funders of the Berlin Partner for Business and Technology also confirms. Berlin Partner supervised a total of 234 projects at an investment volume of 579 million euros into, which are to create 5,670 new jobs over the next three years. With an increase of approximately 200 million euros compared to 2013, the total investment exceeds all previous outcomes. These positive results were presented today by Berlin’s senator for economic affairs, Cornelia Yzer and Berlin Partner managing director, Dr. Stefan Franzke, at a press conference.

Berlin is becoming smarter
Cornelia Yzer, senator for economics, technology and research said: “Since reunification, Berlin has never been as attractive as now in terms of being an investment and innovation location for national and international companies. Developments such as the Cisco Innovation Center clearly show that the German capital can absolutely compete with other metropolises. The dynamic founder scene in Berlin gains an edge over the competition with its innovative products. The significantly higher levels of investment in this area reached by Berlin Partner for Business and Technology by way of supervising development and expansion projects proves that combining business and technology sponsoring is effective.”

4 out of 5 euros are poured into the industry
In order for Berlin to acquire a long-term perspective of quality jobs, companies in the industry within the Berlin Partner projects will be specifically located in Berlin and receive support during expansion. “Considering the investment across all clusters and sectors, 4 out of 5 euros being poured into the industry come from projects supported by Berlin Partner – a total of about 480 million euros. One in three jobs are created here. On average, a quarter of a million euros per job is invested – demonstrating once again how strongly entrepreneurs believe in Berlin as a place for business,” said Dr. Stefan Franzke.

In 2015, Berlin Partner is looking to utilize the synergies between established businesses, research institutions and dynamic founders even better: “Berlin offers a unique development environment, for example at interfaces such as healthcare and IT, where many years of market experience meets creative solutions. Even when developing industrial locations, we are focusing on acquiring companies and founders for Berlin. They will help us advance further in topics such as smart cities and intelligent solutions in Berlin for the city's future development,” said Dr. Stefan Franzke.

More statistics and materials on the press conference and our 2014 annual report are available here.