Berlin Master Chefs 2014

The "Berlin Master Chefs" for 2014 were announced today at a press conference in the German capital. A jury consisting of 14 industry experts was responsible for selecting the winners in six categories. The "Berlin Master Chefs" was initiated by Berlin Partner and is tak-ing place for the 18th time this year.

The 2014 "Berlin's Master Chef" is Roel Lintermans from the restaurant LES SOLISTES by Pierre Gagnaire at the Hotel Waldorf Astoria Berlin. The jury offered the following explanation for its choice: "Without a doubt, Roel Lintermans has now arrived in Berlin. Skillfully, artfully, courageously and with a surprise in every bite, he unites the most intense aromas and unusual textures without losing sight of the overall balance. This 'New Berliner' proves that he has long since mastered the 'language' of the great Pierre Gagnaire: however, he's also shown that he's developed his own entirely personal Berlin style in the process."

The 2014 "Brandenburg Master Chef" is Carsten Rettschlag from the restaurant Juliette. As the jury noted, "For years now, Carsten Rettschlag has been delighting guests with his creative, light and often Asian-inspired French cuisine at this cozy space with an open fireplace in downtown Potsdam. Although he's always been a good friend of the jury, this year Rettschlag proved that he's been able to create his own distinct and inimitable 'Brandenburg signature' by skillfully playing with the best local and seasonal products."

The award for "Newcomer of the Year 2014" goes to Marcus Zimmer from the Restaurant am Steinplatz at the Hotel am Steinplatz. The jury's statement noted the following: "No compromises! None! At the historical, elegant and lovingly restored Hotel am Steinplatz, this young and talented chef is entirely committed to German and Berlin cuisine and proves for once and for all that Berlin's new 'pleasure generation' knows how to handle its culinary roots with pride. Zimmer's 'Eisbein' and 'Königsberger Klopse' are not 'just' drawn from old recipe books: he gives them a refinement that is both inimitable and sophisticated."

In the "Best Berlin Host 2014" category, the jury chose Peter Frühsammer from "Frühsammer's" Restaurant. The jury appreciated the location's "civilized, honest, warm, unpretentious and wonderfully old-school feel! Legendary Berlin chef Peter Frühsammer was one of Berlin's youngest stars long before the Wall came down: today, he is still a perfect host and overseer of one of the best wine menus in town. Together with his wife and kitchen director Sonja, he created this delightful restaurant near the Grunewald Forrest where guests always feel in tremendously capable hands."

This year, the "Most Fashionable Berlin Restaurant" is The Grand. According to the jury, "Berlin's latest place to be is this lovingly renovated restaurant in a former Armenschule (school for the poor) near Alexanderplatz. In fact, the Grand is not only chic for dining – it transforms from a popular business-lunch location during the day into a relaxed and vibrant club with an excellent bar at night. We were especially impressed by chef Tilo Roth's entirely unique signature, which continues to be unmistakable in his dishes."

Tim Raue will receive the title of "Culinary Innovator 2014". The jury explained their decision thusly: "He's a Kreuzberger, a culinary genius and a rebel. Who else would have the guts to serve Michelle and Barack Obama 'Knödel' (dumplings) and 'Bienenstich' (bee-sting cake)! In the past several years, Tim Raue has received worldwide attention, not only for further developing his own Asian-influenced signature, but also for his three restaurants, several top students and the quintessential Berlin approach to his work. Raue simply radiates!”

Dr. Stefan Elfenbein, Jury Chairman, "Berlin Master Chefs":
"2014 is hands down one of the best vintages to date! In Roel Lintermans, we honor the chef at the only restaurant belonging to a major international star chef on German soil; and in Tim Raue, we pay tribute to the only Berlin chef known all over the world. Plus, Marcus Zimmer singlehandedly proves that Berlin cuisine is "in" again. Let's raise a toast to 2014 at the fabulous "The Grand" and wish for even more culinary pleasure in Berlin in the coming years!"

Melanie Bähr, Managing Director of Berlin Partner "Each year, the Berlin Master Chef awards honor outstanding achievement in our culinary community. Twenty-five years after the fall of the Wall, Berlin has moved from being a once-divided city into a truly gourmet capital. The culinary scene here is diverse, inspiring and international – it shapes the people and their city and strengthens Berlin's magnetic pull on creative minds from all over the world. 
The Berlin Master Chefs jury is made up of independent experts and bound by a set of criteria that includes culinary ability, originality, presentation, service and atmosphere. The official ceremony honoring this year's prizewinners will take place on November 8, 2014 at a gala dinner at the InterContinental Berlin. Recipients of the coveted awards will be given a hand-painted plate from the Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin (Royal Porcelain Manufactory).

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