Strengthening Berlin’s welcoming culture for international professionals

Whether it is Silicon Valley, Paris or London – young, well-trained professionals have lots of opportunities to live and work on an international level. In the international competition for the best minds, Berlin has to assert itself with creative offers. An online portal aimed directly at professionals and managers in Germany and abroad is designed to facilitate the new start in Berlin for talented people in the future. The portal is a joint initiative by Berlin Partner for Business and Technology and the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research.

Cornelia Yzer, Senator for Economics, Technology and Research: “Investors always tell me, one of the main reasons for them to get involved in Berlin is the well-established labor market. We definitely have to keep it up. Therefore, we need well-trained people from all over the world here in Berlin. This portal can help us reach this goal.”

Melanie Bähr, Managing Director of Berlin Partner for Business and Technology
: “With this portal, we created a service which facilitates the way to Berlin for talents. Until now, many companies have elaborately created their own offers. Now, we are able to provide a central platform. Our aspiration is to answer questions that have remained unanswered until now.”

The portal is a service platform revolving around living and working in Berlin and pools not only job offers, but also information for a good start in Berlin. Information on Berlin’s labor market, living conditions or residence and work permits is part of the content just as information on climate or checklists for moving to Berlin. To provide the best possible overview, the portal is networked with already existing offers. For example, it incorporates vacancies published by the Federal Agency of Employment. This way, new-coming Berliners receive all important information via a central platform.

Dieter Wagon, Head of the Regional Department of the Federal Agency of Employment: “Talent-Berlin, which went online today, is an attractive and informative career website. It will pro-mote the capital city marketing since it combines useful and interesting information revolving around life in Berlin with job offers. The Federal Agency of Employment is glad to support this offer with the largest job market in Germany. Our platform increases the presence of job offers in Berlin and Brandenburg and provides high transparency regarding career opportunities in the capital region. This will strengthen the good cooperation between the employment agencies and Berlin Partner and promote Berlin’s economic development.”
The interaction instrument Social Media Hub is a particular highlight. Besides providing information, it is planned to establish and online community by intensive social media integration. The platform can be used to ask questions and get answers live – by Berliners who want to share their experiences or companies using the platform to establish first contact to potential employees. Companies and associations appreciate the new platform as an additional support of their own efforts.

Gitta Blatt, Chief Human Resource Officer Wooga: “For young talents, an international career has become normal and the pitch against other digital industry locations is becoming increasingly important. However, it is not easy to get guidance due to the changes in the international competition. Gathering information has become confusing and a diligent piece of work for professionals. Berlin was also lacking a prominent and obvious point of contact – the new platform will definitely help change that.”

René Ebert, CEO of SIBB e.V.: “Against the background of high demand for qualified professionals, especially in the IT sector, we appreciate the start of the welcoming portal for professionals in the capital. The portal is another outstanding opportunity and an excellent supplementary offer for Berlin to extend its position as an attractive IT location in Europe, at the same time pointing out the advantages of our city at a glance. Being an IT sector association, we naturally support this initiative by Berlin Partner from the bottom of our hearts, as we know from own experience and from conversations with our member-companies how important it is to find qualified employees at early stages, to retain and to hold them.”

Here you can explore the new welcoming portal for talents: