Over 200 companies working together to strengthen Berlin

After German unification in 1990, Berlin faced several major challenges, including rebuilding the economy, positioning the city as an attractive location for business and generating interest in the city on the part of both national and international investors. At the time, 21 Berlin companies were eager to contribute to this challenging task; and exactly 20 years ago, on September 6, 1994, they founded Partner für Berlin

Working Together to Design Berlin's Future
Partner für Berlin collaborates with the State of Berlin to unite strategic business-location marketing with a comprehensive marketing program for the entire German capital. With financial resources drawn from the private sector, the public funds used to promote Berlin are effectively doubled. It's a concept that has proven highly effective: Berlin has evolved into a dynamic, international and globally popular business metropolis. As Cornelia Yzer, Berlin's Senator for Economics, Technology and Research, notes: "The best and most important argument in favor of the capital are Berlin-based companies themselves. Their success, ongoing enthusiasm and countless innovative products are our best ambassadors. The fact that so many companies are ready to join us and work together for the city proves that Berlin now has an ideal business framework for investors from all over the world."   

The Network of Networks
Today, 227 companies work together to create a blueprint for the future of Berlin. They contribute roughly €6 million to strengthening the German capital in all spheres. As Dr. Holger Hatje, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Partner für Berlin Holding, notes: "In the past several years, our partner network has won over many new supporting members. More than 150,000 people work for a company that is a member of the Berlin Partner network. That's almost 15% of all the people employed in Berlin. This success is evidence that our model provides a prime example of the successful cooperation between the private and public sectors."


Support from member companies allows Partner für Berlin to showcase the capital across the globe. For example, a recently introduced marketing campaign focusing on industry in Berlin promotes the capital as a highly sought-after business location. A number of other international events, including the Berlin Web Week and various overseas delegations – such as this week's trip to New York by Berlin's Senator for Economics together with Berlin-based companies – also serve to promote business in Berlin.


Companies in the Partner für Berlin network are eager to support this work. As Alexander Jung, Chief Representative for Berlin at Vattenfall GmbH, notes: "We are a long-established company that is very connected to Berlin and its people, so it's only natural that we are members of the Berlin Partner network. We are the major energy provider in the capital, which means we create an important existential basis for Berlin's economy by provid-ing a high level of supply security." The Berlin Zoo is also heavily committed to its home town: "The Berlin Zoo is one of the city's biggest attractions, and we're active as a Berlin Partner member because the partnership contributes to the strengthening of Berlin as a leading loca-tion for business and tourism," notes Dr. Andreas Knieriem, Director of the Berlin Zoo.