The upcoming BLUE PLANET Berlin Water Dialogues will be held in cooperation with the EU-funded Horizon 2020 project → AquaNES. This project catalyzes innovations in water and wastewater treatment processes and management through improved combinations of natural and engineered components while focusing on 13 demonstration sites in Europe, India and Israel. During the conference, researchers and practitioners will present the innovations that emerged from the collaboration of utilities, industry and academia.



Join BLUE PLANET Berlin Water Dialogues and learn more about the future of water management with participants from business, research, politics and non-governmental organizations!



Take a peek into our → preliminary program or klick here directly for → your registration. Participation is free of charge.



We are looking forward to thrilling discussions about combined natural and engineered systems for a water-safe future!




9.4.2019 09:00 Uhr



9.4.2019 16:45 Uhr