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Berlin is the futuristic capital of the German Republic of Ideas. Our clusters are important drivers of economic development. Find out about our industries, which make Berlin a leading location for innovation and future-focused technologies, such as transport and energy technology, the healthcare industry and optical technologies. Explore topics such as electromobility, AI and smart city concepts. And not least of all benefit from a versatile partner network and actively shape the future of our region through participation, development and exchange.


Berlin Partner offers special service packages tailored to the individual needs of companies, startups and scientific institutions - all at a glance in a groundbreaking business portal. We offer tailor-made promotion concepts and support in the search for both real estate and qualified personnel. We arrange valuable contacts between business and science and advise companies on their international projects

Business Location Center



The fields of transportation, mobility and logistics are part of the innovation strategy of the states of Berlin and Brandenburg. Combined in a cluster of more than 17,000 companies, they cover integrated approaches to developing and promoting the mobility of tomorrow.  

The goal is to define technological potentials, integrate them into projects, and eventually create value for the capital region.

The cluster management, consisting of Berlin Partner for Business and Technology and the Brandenburg Economic Development Corporation, supports the networking and development of such projects on a regional, national and international level.

The combination of the industries i.e., automotive, aerospace technology, rail transport technology, logistics and traffic telematics is not only a special feature of the cluster but also the foundation for the transportation technology expertise in the region.

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The capital region is full of energy: the Energy Technology Cluster Berlin- Brandenburg brings together more than 6,000 companies and 56,000 employees covering the core topics of renewable energies, energy efficiency, grids & storage, and turbomachinery & power plant technology.

The aim of the collaboration, which has been ongoing since 2011, is to exploit cross-border innovation potential, closely network the key players within the cluster, and support projects and change management processes from the early stages. The Brandenburg Economic Development Corporation (WFBB) and Berlin Partner for Business and Technology act jointly as cluster managers and supervise and coordinate the cooperation of stakeholders from business, science, politics, chambers, public administration, other networks and associations. In addition to technology transfer and innovation management, the cluster's activities focus also on location marketing and the exchange of knowledge and experience.

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As part of the joint innovation strategy of the states of Berlin and Brandenburg, the cluster ICT, Media and Creative Industries comprises a large number of stakeholders - more precisely over 50,000 companies - who are driving the regionĀ“s digital transformation.

The networks, universities, companies and associations that make up the cluster create important impetus in the areas of innovation, creativity, intelligent networking and new technologies. In this context, the crosslinking of more and more spheres of life and work, of technology and everyday life, as well as public and private interaction plays a key role. The special appeal of the capital region as a center for creative industries also contributes to implementing innovative cross-cluster approaches, exploiting the great potential of creative industries, and continuously increasing the competitiveness of all cluster stakeholders.

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The Berlin-Brandenburg capital region is one of the leading locations on an international level in the fields of healthcare industry, healthcare provision and life sciences. The healthcare industry cluster brings together more than 670 companies whose employees work daily on innovations, standards and further development in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical technology.  

The Berlin-Brandenburg region is distinguished by an outstanding scientific environment, an excellent clinical research landscape and a direct connection to important minds in politics and the healthcare sector. Both globally active corporations and small and medium-sized companies belonging to the healthcare industry benefit from this. The Health Capital cluster management, supervised by Berlin Partner for Business and Technology and the Brandenburg Economic Development Corporation, supports stakeholders in the healthcare sector with the aim of sustainably strengthening the region as a leading international hotspot for healthcare and life sciences.

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The fields of optical technologies and microsystems technology bundled in the cluster Optics and Photonics are now among the key technologies of the 21st century. When it comes to developing innovations in the fields of medicine and communications technology, these are also important interfaces for connecting other technologies.

The management for the corresponding cluster in the Berlin-Brandenburg region is composed of the largest network for optical technologies and microsystems technology in Germany, which currently unites around 115 institutional members, the Brandenburg Economic Development Corporation and Berlin Partner. The common goal is to promote the cooperation of companies and research institutions as well as the development of innovations in order to advance the competitiveness of the region and Berlin-Brandenburg as a science and research location. In this context, this highly dynamic development makes the capital region one of the world's leading locations.

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In addition to managing the above-mentioned clusters and the Business Location Center, Berlin Partner is responsible for a number of other thematic areas that focus on promoting and further developing the Berlin-Brandenburg region as a location for science and innovation.


    The transformation of mobility has long been in full swing. The Berlin Agency for Electromobility eMO acts as an interface between business, science, and the public sector in the state of Berlin, ensuring that relevant stakeholders are networked, information on electromobility and new mobility is shared, and climate-friendly and innovative mobility solutions can be developed and established.

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    The Enterprise Europe Network Berlin-Brandenburg informs and advises the Berlin business scene about innovation-oriented developments, initiatives and programs of the European Union.
    As an enabler of an effective flow of information from Brussels to Berlin, the network also helps set up business and technology partnerships.

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    Smart thinking: the future is being created in Berlin. As an urban laboratory for sustainable future concepts as well as an intelligent urban society, the Spree metropolis is popular with bright minds from all over the world. On our Smart City Berlin website, we bundle information on future locations, innovative projects, walkable smart city hotspots and technology centers.

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    On the platform #AI_Berlin, launched by Berlin Partner for Business and Technology GmbH, both the national and international AI community can find information and answers to (almost) all their questions. The goal of the platform, which was created in collaboration with the ICT, Media and Creative Industries Cluster and other partners, is to connect stakeholders from business and research as well as talents from all over the world and to make Berlin (even) more visible as an AI location.

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    In the Internationalisation project, Berlin Partner organises international delegation trips and events. The goal is to strengthen and expand the innovation capacities of Berlin companies by initiating and supporting supra-regional and cross-border co-operation processes. The project also serves to establish and deepen international network and business contacts for Berlin companies along the five clusters and cross-sectional functions. The grant is awarded from European Union funds from the Operational Programme of the State of Berlin for the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) from state funds.




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