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Stefan Hoppe, Managing Director ENERGY in Berlin & Commercial Director ENERGY MEDIA GmbH


1. Why are you involved as a Berlin Partner?

As a true Berliner, I'm allowed to say this: Berlin is the greatest city in the world and it's a matter close to my heart to promote this city. What better way to do that than together in a team that supports each other and has the same goals: to make Berlin as a business location and your own company a little better every day. The network is the ideal place to find committed partners for the implementation of new ideas and actions and to exchange ideas.


2. What moves your company, what are you currently working on?

After a break of more than two years due to the pandemic and many virtual concerts that we organised during this time, the big live events are now returning. At the end of May we held an ENERGY LIVE SESSION with Shouse and we are currently planning and preparing for our big ENERGY MUSIC TOUR on 20 August at Tempelhofer Hafen. For the sixth time, this free open air concert with a total of seven internationally successful acts (Justin Jesso, Leony, Kelvin Jones, Glockenbach, ClockClock, R3HAB and Ray Dalton) will provide a memorable evening on a floating stage.

Tickets for the ENERGY MUSIC TOUR 2022 are not for sale, but can only be won in the ENERGY programme, online and on social media channels, as well as from our numerous partners. All participating partners and further information on the event can be found at


3. What do you like about Berlin as a business location?

The mix of large traditional companies and innovative start-ups, the proximity to politics and the attraction that the city exerts on workers - all of this creates a unique field of tension that is exciting and motivating at the same time.


4. What distinguishes your company at the Berlin location in terms of digitalisation?

Of course, digitisation is advancing in leaps and bounds in the radio sector as well. In the daily work, for example in the music editorial department and in the broadcasting studio, where of course there are no more large CD shelves, but everything runs via databases, it is now a matter of course. But radio has another special feature: digital radio not only runs via IP - i.e. stream, app and smart speaker - but digitisation here also means mastering the progressive switch from classic FM reception to reception via DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting). According to the latest digitalisation report by the media authorities, more than 20 percent of Berlin households now have at least one stationary DAB+ receiver or a DAB+ car radio. ENERGY has been one of the pioneers in the field of this digital transmission path for years and, in addition to the numerous local stations, also offers a nationwide programme which is also produced here in the heart of Berlin, at Leipziger Platz.