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ICN Berlin Business School

Lena Scholtke, Director, ICN Berlin Business School 


1. Describe your company in a tweet!
French business school with a focus on creativity and sustainability in our master programmes Finance, Marketing, Digital Management and Sustainable Innovation Management.


2. Why are you involved as a Berlin Partner?
As a traditional Grand Ecole, the interlinking of academia with business is important to us.


3. What issues drive you in relation to your industry?
In a world shaped by technological progress, it is important to equip students with the necessary tools for this change: this includes creativity, an awareness of sustainability, flexibility and the ability to work in a team, in addition to sound knowledge.


4. What makes Berlin special for you?
Berlin is characterised by cultural diversity, tolerance and openness, and has a flourishing start-up sector that offers students the best conditions for building their network, gaining exciting insights into various professional fields and gaining their first professional experience.


5. Why is Berlin attractive for your company?
Germany and France are partner countries with a long shared history. Establishing a French university in Berlin was the logical step to intensify German-French relations, to offer students the opportunity to gain intercultural experience and to study in an open, technology-driven metropolis.


6. What does Berlin stand for?
Diversity-Digital History


7. How does your company implement the topic of sustainability?
Sustainability is firmly anchored in the university values: the topic is firmly integrated into our modules, we have regular conferences and student initiatives that promote sustainability on campus, a master's programme that promotes sustainable innovations and their potential. It is a cross-cutting theme and plays a significant role in both teaching and research.