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Sector Seven Investors GmbH

Photo credit: © Sector Seven

Rainer Bormann | Dr. Martin Hintze | Lutz Grimm, Sector Seven Investors GmbH 


1. Describe your company in a tweet!
With know-how and creativity based on a broad network of partners, Sector7 invests in land and existing properties with exceptional future potential, creates building rights and develops sustainable utilisation and product concepts for optimal value creation.


2. Why do you get involved as a Berlin-Partner?
For Sector7, networking with partners and potential users is the decisive basis for generating above-average and sustainable value creation potential. We focus strongly on projects in the surrounding area and therefore want to make our contribution to broadening the focus and economically advancing the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region.


3. What issues are driving you in relation to your industry?
The demands on working and living environments are changing rapidly. We are convinced that new creative approaches are needed to meet these dynamics and to leverage future potential. This concerns both the integration of new technologies and utilisation concepts as well as the opening up and development of unusual locations away from the highly dense inner cities.


4. What makes Berlin special for you?
Berlin, and with it the entire capital region, is undergoing a fascinating transformation process. The "poor but sexy" era is long gone, the economy is growing and we can all make our contribution to shaping a sustainable future for the city and its surrounding area with know-how and creativity.


5. Why is Berlin attractive for your company?
The city's rapid growth and the innovative spirit of the local networks offer ideal conditions for the economic success of our visionary ideas and concepts. Especially if you expand your entrepreneurial focus beyond the inner city districts, you can contribute to creating entirely new future locations and living values with sustainable investments. 


6. What does Berlin stand for?
The whole of Berlin is a place of the future, an eternal process of becoming that is full of opportunities and challenges. Before the war and the division of Germany, the city was a true world metropolis. Now it is in the process of regaining that status.


7. How does your company implement the topic of sustainability?
For Sector7, sustainability is not only an ecological but also an economic claim. Those who focus on sustainable investments do well to develop projects based on the highest ESG standards, both in terms of materiality and construction process as well as with regard to the energy balance over the entire life cycle. This is the only way to achieve optimal value creation.