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Berlin Partner honors the best restaurateurs of the capital region at the 19th gala dinner

The Berlin Master Chefs create a world-class menu

The 400 guests invited to the Berlin Master Chefs 2015 gala dinner are expecting a culinary delight tonight with a line-up that can only be experienced once as the best restaurateurs in the city come together to conjure delicious taste experiences whose composition will result in a first-class menu.

“With the Berlin Master Chefs, Berlin Partner is highlighting the economic factor of the restaurant scene in the capital city. The variety and quality of our gastronomy enhances the attractiveness and thus the appeal of Berlin for talent and visitors from around the world. Berlin is a place where everyone can indulge in their creativity – whether in gastronomy or business,” said Andrea Joras, Managing Director of Berlin Partner.

In 2015, Sonja Frühsammer from the restaurant “Frühsammers Restaurant” became the first woman to win the Berlin Master Chef category. Like the other award-winning chefs, she will be presenting one entrée and one main course. This evening, pigeon on leaf spinach with Thai mango and coconut will follow cod with ox muzzle vinaigrette and lovage beans. Marco Giedow, Brandenburg Master Chef from the restaurant “Speisenkammer im Ferienhof Spreewaldromantik” in Burg, knows how to win his audience over with beechwood smoked pork jowls with parsnips and quince. The Newcomer of the Year, Manuel Schmuck from the restaurant “MARTHA’S Restaurant” will pamper guests with sous-vide-cooked brisket with beetroot black cumin bread, fried beetroot, rocket, pickled rutabaga and miso soured cream. Hot beef tartare with brown butter, soy sauce, mushrooms and fried onions will be the result of the culinary skills of Lukas Mraz from Most Fashionable Berlin Restaurant 2015, the “Cordobar.”

But before all that, the dinner – as is tradition – will start with an appetizer from the chef of the restaurant “Hugos” in the InterContinental Hotel, Eberhard Lange. The dinner will take place this year for the 19th time in the ballroom of the hotel, which is the event's traditional host and cooperation partner. The winners together with their teams will prepare the food live and discuss the gala dinner with the guests in the ballroom.

Each prizewinner will be honored in a laudatory speech held by a select speaker followed by the presentation of a custom-made, hand-painted plate from Berlin's Royal Porcelain Manufactory. This year's recipients include Barbara Merll, who will be honored as Host of the Year 2015 (SKYKITCHEN Restaurant / Bar Flavored by a.choice," andel's Hotel Berlin), and the integrative project known as "Über den Tellerrand kochen e.V." as Culinary Innovator 2015.

The “Berlin Master Chefs” project, initiated by Berlin Partner, is being held for the 19th time. The independent 14-member jury made up of Berlin's leading food journalists and connoisseurs evaluates the originality of the creations, the food presentation, the service and the atmosphere, in addition to the quality of the culinary arts. By honoring the Berlin Master Chefs, Berlin Partner showcases the upscale restaurant culture in the capital city and makes the varied gastronomy visible as an important economic factor.




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