Strong partners for a strong Berlin.

For more as the last 20 years, this is what the Berlin-Partner network has stood for. Renowned companies joined together to found Partner für Berlin Gesellschaft für Hauptstadt-Marketing mbH in 1994, to position Berlin as the new capital of reunified Germany in partnership with the State of Berlin. The original 21 founding partners have become a pool of 280 strongly committed partners from companies, scientific and research facilities and institutions. Our passion for Berlin is our mutual motivation. As a Berlin-Partner, you can take advantage of many benefits and be a part of our strong network.

Becoming a Berlin-Partner!

Companies interested in working together for Berlin and supporting Berlin Partner are invited to join the Partner für Berlin Holding – Capital City Marketing GmbH network as either a Member (“Gesellschafter”) or Licensee (“Lizenznehmer”).

    Ihr Benefit

    Sieben Gründe Berlin-Partner zu werden

    • Teil eines starken und lebendigen Business Netzwerks sein,
    • direkten Zugang zur Berliner Wirtschaft, Politik und Wissenschaft erhalten,
    • die Zukunft Berlins mitgestalten,
    • Berlin als innovative und kreative Metropole zu präsentieren, mit Charisma und Potential für die Zukunft,
    • Presse- und Marketingaktivitäten mit millionenfachem Mediavolumen nutzen,
    • von unserem Know How profitieren,
    • Begeisterung für Berlin zeigen.

    Das Netzwerk

    Berlin Partner bietet die Plattform für Unternehmer und Unternehmen in der deutschen Hauptstadt. Wir ermöglichen Ihnen eine starke Präsenz im Berliner Markt und verfügen über umfangreiche Kenntnisse und Kontakte innerhalb und außerhalb der Stadt – zum Nutzen der Berlin-Partner und zum Nutzen Berlins. Sie erhalten somit einen privilegierten Zugang zur Berliner Wirtschaft und zu den Entscheidern in der Hauptstadt.

    The License Categories

    Berlin-Partners have the option to choose different categories of licenses and can engage as long term partners.


    Berlin Partner licensees enjoy a level of benefits depending on their category and the amount of the licensing fee.


    Our services for your engagement as a Berlin-Partner


    Services for Berlin-Partners

    The service for Berlin-Partners provides first hand information and news about Berlin.  The exchange between partners also remains a focus of our work.

      Expand your network

      Use our targeted event programs to expand and intensify your contacts as a Berlin-Partner. The diverse networking opportunities we make available include a monthly jour fixe, discussion roundtables with state-level political representatives, the annual shareholders meeting, and many other sector-specific projects and initiatives.

      Benefit from the positive image of cosmopolitan Berlin and our location marketing program

      Be present and show your commitment to Berlin, one of the most exciting cities in the world. Your company logo will appear at events, in Berlin Partner publications and in the media on a variety of occasions – worldwide. And you have the exclusive right to use the Berlin-Partner logo in your corporate communications.

      Berlin-Partner Publicity

      An organizational chart categorized by license status reflects each Berlin-Partner with a company logo. At Tegel Airport alone, there are three organizational charts advertised on indoor billboards. The organizational chart is also displayed at Jour-Fixe’s, at press conferences and is predominately displayed at marketing events throughout the capital.

      Involvement in the Capital City Marketing

      Through a media service provider called ‘‘News Aktuell’’, Berlin Partner is able to submit current news to the most important major worldwide news agencies. This service is also offered to the Berlin-Partners who want to communicate interesting topics about Berlin.

      Berlin-Partner Newsletter

      The Berlin-Partners are informed about various projects and activities of Berlin Partner GmbH through the monthly newsletter they receive. The newsletter offers the partners the opportunity to publicize their event or project within the network community.

      Location Tips

      Berlin-Partners receive information about attractive locations in the capital. We have a location database which is compiled of more than 500 unique and interesting locations throughout our metropolis. In combination with a VIP service, we guarantee a successful event.

      VIP Service

      No one knows Berlin better than us! With our VIP services Berlin-Partner companies receive professional support in their own activities hosted in the capital. The partner companies have access to comprehensive services for all aspects of guest services.

      Berlin-Partner Directory

      In our annual directory you will find all Berlin-Partner corporate profiles listed with contact information. The partner directory is given to investors and newly established companies in Berlin as a list of resources and recommendations. In this way, Berlin-Partners can approach new companies as potential service providers.

      Partner Portal

      Every Berlin-Partner receives a personalized login (user name and password) to our „Partner Portal“, an online networking and information tool exclusively for all Berlin-Partners. The online platform offers news and event announcements as well as an overview of all partners, contact persons and the respective contact data. Furthermore, partners can sign up online for events organized by Berlin Partner.