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Strong partners for a strong Berlin.

We connect you with the right partners!

The success of a company depends on its network. We are convinced that a strong network is the basis for economic success. Together with more than 230 business and science partners we support Berlin as the place to be. We strengthen Berlin as an attractive location for living and working.

The Berlin Partner Network says THANK YOU for 2020!

Becoming a Berlin-Partner!

Being a Berlin-Partner means being involved in making Berlin a destination with charisma and future potential. As a Berlin-Partner you benefit from the advantage and be a part of a strong network.

    Your Benefit


    Five Reasons to become a Berlin-Partner

    • being part of a strong and lively business network with direct access to Berlin's industry, politics and science.
    • taking the unique opportunity to work together for the city, create synergies and influence the future.
    • supporting the capital city marketing for Berlin through image campaigns and actively shaping Berlin as an innovative creative metropolis with a significant level of charisma and potential for the future.
    • using PR and marketing activities of Berlin Partner to initiate projects and get involved in strategic planning.
    • being Berlin! You will profit from the strong Berlin brand, in particular by using the official Berlin Partner logo.

    All information about the network can be found here. (German only)

    The Network

    Berlin Partner offers a platform for entrepreneurs and companies in the German capital. We provide you with a strong presence in the Berlin market and have extensive knowledge and contacts both inside and outside the city - for the benefit of Berlin Partner and for the benefit of Berlin. This gives you privileged access to Berlin's economy, science, sports, culture and politics, as well as to decision-makers in the capital. 

    The License Categories

    Berlin-Partners have the option to choose different categories of licenses and can engage as long term partners.


    Berlin Partner licensees enjoy a level of benefits depending on their category and the amount of the licensing fee.


    Our services for your engagement as a Berlin-Partner


    Services for Berlin-Partners

    The service for Berlin-Partners provides first hand information and news about Berlin.  The exchange between partners also remains a focus of our work.

      Expand your network

      Use our targeted event programs to expand and intensify your contacts as a Berlin-Partner. The diverse networking opportunities we make available include a monthly jour fixe, discussion roundtables with state-level political representatives, the annual shareholders meeting, and many other sector-specific projects and initiatives.

      Benefit from the positive image of cosmopolitan Berlin and our location marketing program

      Be present and show your commitment to Berlin, one of the most exciting cities in the world. Your company logo will appear at events, in Berlin Partner publications and in the media on a variety of occasions – worldwide. And you have the exclusive right to use the Berlin-Partner logo in your corporate communications.

      Berlin-Partner Publicity

      On our logo board all Berlin-Partners are displayed with their company logo in their respective license category. It is updated and adapted for a wide variety of formats. The logo board is used in a prominent position at Jour Fixe events, press conferences and all regional, national and international capital city marketing events. It is also placed as an advertisement in internationally renowned trade journals and magazines and on numerous Berlin-wide outdoor advertising measures.

      Involvement in the Capital City Marketing

      Capital City Marketing benefits from the activities of Berlin-Partners. Share your ideas and impulses in the work of Capital City Marketing and take advantage of the opportunity to set the agenda. 

      Berlin-Partner Newsletter

      The Berlin Partners are informed about the projects and activities of the Capital City Marketing by a bi-monthly newsletter. Berlin Partner companies have the opportunity to communicate their own projects or events within the network via the newsletter.

      Location Tips

      Berlin-Partners receive information about attractive locations in the capital. We have a location database which is compiled of more than 500 unique and interesting locations throughout our metropolis. In combination with a VIP service, we guarantee a successful event.

      VIP Service

      No one knows Berlin better than us! With our VIP services Berlin-Partner companies receive professional support in their own activities hosted in the capital. The partner companies have access to comprehensive services for all aspects of guest services.

      Partner Portal

      Every Berlin-Partner receives a personalized login (user name and password) to our „Partner Portal“, an online networking and information tool exclusively for all Berlin-Partners. The online platform offers news and event announcements as well as an overview of all partners, contact persons and the respective contact data. Furthermore, partners can sign up online for events organized by Berlin Partner.

      Best practices from the network