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Berlin Partner selects the best of Berlin gastronomy 2023

18. November 2023 - They are the figureheads of gastronomic diversity and of culinary Berlin - and this year they are more female than ever before: the Berlin Master Chefs. The winners have now been honoured in the categories "Berlin Master Chef", "Rising Star of the Year", "Berlin Host", "Berlin Hip Restaurant", "Berlin District Champion", "Berlin Bar Culture" and "Gastronomic Innovator".

The award winners:

The “Berlin Master Chef 2023” award goes to the team from the restaurant “Coda”, Julia A. Leitner and René Frank.

The title of "Rising Star of the Year 2023" will also be awarded to a team: Rosa Beutelspacher and Sarah Hallmann from the restaurant “Hallmann & Klee”.  

In the category “Berlin Host 2023”, the jury chose Falco Mühlichen, restaurant manager and host from the restaurant “Rutz”.    

This year's “Berlin Hip Restaurant 2023” goes to the restaurant “Sathutu”.

The “Berlin District Champion 2023” goes to the ”Damaskus Konditorei” in Neukölln.     

The award for "Berlin Bar Culture 2023" goes to the "Victoria Bar".    

And in the "Gastronomic Innovator 2023" category this year, the jury chose an initiative that campaigns for waiters and waitresses: #proudtokellner.

You can find our press kit with background information on all award winners, the history of Berlin's master chefs and current photos here

The award ceremony in an extraordinary location, the former Kantgaragen, promised an enjoyable ride.  The multi-story garage building, which is now a listed building, was built between 1929 and 1930 in the New Objectivity style. At the "Space to Taste" gala dinner, the award winners and the 280 invited guests were cooked for by the award-winning restaurants from the previous year.

The expert jury consists of the following jurors:

  • Dr. Stefan Elfenbein, Chair of the jury, author for the magazines “Der Feinschmecker” and “Foodie”
  • Tina Hüttl, Chair of the jury, Berliner Zeitung
  • Felix Denk, Editor of the Tagesspiegel
  • Prof. Dr. Dieter Grossklaus, “Chaîne des Rôtisseurs” (Honorary president)
  • Lorraine Haist, freelance journalist and author for various newspapers and magazines
  • Stefanie Hofeditz, freelance journalist, B.Z
  • Alexandra Laubrinus, Managing director of Berlin Food Week
  • Clemens Niedenthal, Editor of Tip & Ressortleitung Food
  • Nikolas Rechenberg, Gourmetwelten
  • Annika Schönstädt, freelance author for Tagesspiegel, Zeit online, Feinschmecker
  • Dr. Erwin Seitz, freelance journalist, book author and gastronomy critic
  • Jan-Peter Wulf, specialist journalist and founder of nomyblog

The winners up to now of the Berlin Master Chefs since the award ceremony began in 1997 have been communicated in a chronicle. For more information on the Berlin Master Chefs project and the history, please go to: The Berlin Master Chefs can also be found on Facebook at and on Instagram @berlinermeisterkoeche.


BERLIN MASTER CHEFS 2023 - Space to Taste



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