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KALUZA + SCHMID GmbH Flottenstr. 50-53

KALUZA + SCHMID – furniture rental company, set designer, product developer, graphic designer, decorator. Our office is a junction of various expertises, of creative conception, production, and event management. Short in-house processes ensure quick, efficient, and flexible solutions.

Our work comes in all shapes and sizes: On one occasion, our input may be as simple as an iconic piece of furniture; on another occasion, we may contribute the master plan for the entire event. Decorative elements become part of the provided interior, while atmospheric lighting sets the scene. Graphic elements and new approaches to possible branding surfaces go in line with the overall appearance and enable a both functional and aesthetic brand integration.

Custom-made approaches for unique requirements are an easy undertaking. The limits of common interior set the starting point for our in-house workshop production. The KALUZA + SCHMID warehouse facilities therefore accommodate both contemporary designer interior as well as products of our own making.