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Connex Werbeagentur GmbH

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Photo credit: © CONNEX Werbeagentur

Daniel Göstenmeier, COO, Connex Werbeagentur GmbH


1. Describe your company in a Tweet!

Connex Werbeagentur is an owner-managed creative agency. In our agency rooms above the beautiful roofs of the capital, we have been developing campaigns since 1968 that are still effective today. We support companies and institutions from the creative conception and implementation to the handling and support of social media campaigns or web developments. And of course, after so many years, we are also masters of all the classic tasks.


2. Why are you involved as a Berlin Partner?

Berlin is the place where our agency was founded and has been headquartered for over 50 years. We would like to emphasise and expand this long-standing connection with our commitment as a Berlin Partner. For us, The Creative Connection has always been more than just our agency claim: it illustrates our deep conviction that the best ideas and results always come from good connections. Connections between people, brands and different stakeholders from politics, business, science and associations. Therefore, the Berlin Partner Network is a very logical partnership for us and hopefully an exciting multiplier to strengthen and expand our network.


3. What topics drive you in relation to your industry?

Our industry has always been subject to constant change. New channels, new agency models, new media, new trends, new tools to measure and manage campaigns, new target groups with different interests, demands and media usage behaviour. You have to adapt to this and also constantly reinvent and develop yourself. At the end of the day, however, the core of our work remains the same: it's all about the right idea at the right time. The implementation is then craft.


4. What makes Berlin special for you?

As an international melting pot of numerous start-ups, agencies, artists, companies and universities, Berlin is an incredibly exciting, creative city. A capital in the heart of Europe, a city of diversity and contrasts, a city that inspires and attracts people from all over the world.


5. Why is Berlin attractive for your company?

As a creative agency, we thrive on new ideas, on creativity and of course on motivated, capable employees. In this respect, Berlin is certainly the perfect place for our agency. But since we have been "Luckily Berliners" since 1968, we didn't just know that yesterday.


6. What does Berlin stand for?

Besides the melting pot already described, Berlin stands for diversity, tolerance, entrepreneurship, contrasts, innovation and freedom. Berlin is a city in constant change, it is never finished, it is constantly reinventing itself.


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Photocredit: © connex Werbeagentur