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30 years of Partner für Berlin

30 years of partnership – 30 years for Berlin.

This year we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of Partner für Berlin and look back on three decades full of events, changes and ideas! Where shall we start? By introducing the Supervisory Board members of Partner für Berlin Holding, letting them talk about their moments and sharing their view of Berlin.

Three questions, three answers – today with ...

Carsten Jung, Chairman of the Board of Berliner Volksbank eG and Member of the Supervisory Board of Partner für Berlin Holding Gesellschaft für Hauptstadt-Marketing mbH

In your opinion, which topics and innovations will shape economic development in the coming years? 

In general, I see Berlin on a good path to develop further into a metropolis of “knowledge and science”. I think that’s outstanding and certainly a smart choice in a competitive international environment. Artificial Intelligence and sustainability are the major and defining topics of the future. And the development towards an international financial centre is also an important driver for Berlin.

What are your three most important arguments for getting people excited about Berlin? 

Berlin is open, offers diversity and builds on a pluralistic society. These are already three strong reasons! But there are more: Berlin is currently reinventing itself in many areas and therefore offers a wealth of opportunities for newcomers to the city. And then there is our art and culture scene; it makes Berlin worth living in and offers plenty of new inspiration every day.

30 years as a partner for Berlin. From the beginning to the future: Berlin’s future is my goal because…

... Berlin is also Germany’s city which is an ambassador to the world. We have an excellent starting point that many major cities envy. Now it is up to us to realise the potential in the long term.


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