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Berlin sets the tone

Berlin, 5. April 2024 – They set the tone in Berlin: The major labels Universal Music, Sony Music Entertainment and the Warner Music Group share their location on the Spree with a dynamic and vibrant music scene that combines a wide range of genres. The sound of the capital is experimental, diverse, modern and reverberating. Berlin is (once again) developing into the musical epicentre of Europe and at the same time offers artists sufficient creative freedom for innovation and experimentation with plenty of rhythm.

Since last year, the three major labels Universal, Sony and Warner have been based in Berlin again. After Sony relocated from Munich to the capital in 2020, Warner followed suit last year – with the expansion of the company’s representation and the opening of a new, creative hub. Although the headquarters will remain in Hamburg, the company would like to become more active in Berlin again in the future and network and help shape the local and international creative scene. Sony and Universal even have their German and European headquarters in the capital.

But it is not just the appeal of the three “majors” that makes the Berlin music scene so attractive to artists from all over the world. The city is known for its engaging energy, its openness and its drive for freedom at all levels. Whoever is looking for good music here, is guaranteed to find it. In the city's countless small and large clubs, bars, concert halls and outdoor venues, fans of almost every genre are offered what “good music” is ultimately all about: individual variety. So it’s no wonder that the labels based here are well advised to promote a wide variety of artists and styles.

“Firstly, of course, Berlin has an incredible musical tradition that ranges from classical music to the present day, from opera to techno, from pop to hip hop. Whether club, concert hall or Waldbühne – Berlin is not only the place where creative people like to live, but is also the stage on which they can present themselves and their art,” confirms Frank Briegmann, Chairman & CEO Universal Music Central Europe and Deutsche Grammophon.

Berlin is taking on another pioneering role in the area of digitalisation – and is thereby also creating exciting impulses and approaches for the music industry. The city is home to numerous start-ups and tech companies that are developing new opportunities in the areas of marketing and sales and actively supporting creative musicians in the digital transformation. A development that brings with it a great deal of potential for cooperation – and makes the city all the more interesting for labels of all kinds that have recognised the importance of digital innovations and are gaining direct access to them thanks to their choice of location.

“Secondly, the already lively cultural and creative scene has been enriched by start-ups and technology hubs for years. Art, music, virtual realities and creative applications create new living environments – not only for the digital avant-garde, but also for traditional companies,” says Frank Briegmann.

From electro to indie rock – in Berlin, diversity sets the tone. And this can be heard everywhere in the city. What’s great: Everyone can decide freely and according to their own preferences what a really good sound should be like - after all, there is plenty to choose from.


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