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30 years of Partner für Berlin

30 years of partnership – 30 years for Berlin.

This year we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of Partner für Berlin and look back on three decades full of events, changes and ideas! Where shall we start? By introducing the Supervisory Board members of Partner für Berlin Holding, letting them talk about their moments and sharing their view of Berlin.

Three questions, three answers – today with ...

Tobias Weber, Managing Director of City Clean GmbH & Co. KG and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Partner für Berlin Holding Gesellschaft für Hauptstadt-Marketing mbH

​​​​​​​What does the long-standing partnership with Berlin mean to you personally?

For me personally, the long-standing partnership with Berlin has been an exciting and enriching experience. The establishment of new, forward-looking companies in the city is particularly exciting. Thanks to the extensive network and the numerous contacts I have been able to make over the years, I have got to know many interesting companies. These encounters not only provide inspiring insights into innovative business ideas, but also give me a clear sense of where the city is heading and which trends and technologies will play a role in the future.

The opportunity to be part of this dynamic and growing community never ceases to amaze me. I am therefore proud and grateful to have been a partner of Berlin for many years and look forward to the further developments and opportunities that this partnership will bring.

What visions do you have for the future of the capital?

For the future of Berlin, I see a dynamic development that is strongly characterised by the establishment of new companies, the importance and growth of metropolises and sustainability. In recent years, Berlin has developed a remarkable attraction for companies from a wide range of industries. These new settlements make a significant contribution to the city’s economic diversification and innovation potential.

The importance and growth of metropolises like Berlin are essential for the future. Berlin plays a central role as an economic and cultural centre in Europe. Berlin will continue to gain influence by attracting new companies and promoting high-tech industries. This development strengthens the city’s competitiveness on a global level and attracts talent from all over the world.

Sustainability is a central element of my vision for Berlin. It is essential that the growth and dynamism of the city is environmentally friendly and sustainable. This includes the promotion of renewable energies and the expansion of environmentally friendly and efficient transport structures.

Overall, I see Berlin as a vibrant, innovative and sustainable metropolis that is economically, culturally and ecologically fit for the future. This vision combines the potential of new company relocations, the importance of urban growth and the unconditional pursuit of sustainability into a comprehensive development approach for the capital.


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