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Berlin is buzzing: Lateral entry into IT thanks to coding schools

27. Dezember 2023 - New talent for IT and a measure against the shortage of skilled workers: It is now possible to learn what is necessary for most digital professions in a short time in so-called coding school - also known as boot camps. Berlin rates particularly highly in terms of what it has to offer: With over 20 providers, the capital is the hotspot for digital training in Germany

But how do coding schools differ from other continuing education programmes, colleges or universities?

  • Intensity: The programmes typically require a full-time commitment that spans several weeks or months. The course structure is designed in such a way that a large amount of content is taught in a short time
  • Accessibility: Individual access, coding schools are open to people with different or no previous knowledge - regardless of their academic background
  • Practical orientation: The focus is on practical, applied learning. Projects are worked on that simulate real challenges
  • Industry relevance: The content is tailored to current industry requirements, technologies and trends
  • Job placement: Coding schools typically have close ties to the world of business and offer their own job placement services - some even offer a job guarantee

Coding schools are a new approach to tap into additional, new talent pools and to quickly train specialists in a very industry-oriented manner. The prerequisite for this disruption of the classic education market is the tremendous demand for skilled workers. Where there is a lack of talent, new talent is developed quickly and flexibly - without large barriers to entry, without high costs. If you have a job, you move into employment category, and even then you can continue to attend courses as a participant.

Depending on the local labour market, different coding school offerings will develop that appeal to different new target groups. The coding schools differ in what they offer primarily in the content and length of the courses. Some providers require higher qualifications and, based on this, quickly train specialists for certain IT sectors. In addition to programming schools with the goal of becoming a full stack developer, there are also training programmes in areas ranging from web design and web marketing to cyber security.

Berlin Partner has been coordinating a round table with the Berlin coding schools for two years and promotes close collaboration and regular exchange. This forum offers the coding schools the opportunity to expand the network, discuss challenges and explore new opportunities for cooperation in order to further establish the Berlin coding schools as strong educational institutions in the field of programming and software development.

42 Berlin:

The innovative training concept of the global “42” network relies on new, creative forms of IT training: with open access, without teachers, professors or lectures. The educational concept is based on open, collaborative formats, projects and peer-to-peer learning. The rooms are available 24/7, the participants exchange ideas with each other and learn by doing. The focus is on self-motivation and self-organisation. Educational support is also available. The courses are free of charge, you have to successfully pass an entrance test, followed by a four-week boot camp (keyword "swimming pool"), from which the participants are then selected for the courses. The entry level for the IT courses begins with the programming language C, which is very simple. In principle, no prior knowledge is required.


Respected Berlin-based provider of training in data analytics, data science, artificial intelligence and general programming in the Python language. StackFuel trains employees of medium-sized and large companies throughout Germany, such as IAV, Deutsche Bahn and Mercedes-Benz. But private individuals can also complete the courses free of charge with the help of the employment agency's educational voucher and thus embark on a new career path. The lessons are very practice-oriented and rely on close supervision through a so-called “mentoring” programme as well as regular live sessions. Participants work on real projects and learn about the latest tools and techniques. All of the training takes place 100% online and can therefore also be carried out remotely.

Le Wagon

This coding school offers intensive and practice-orientated training for prospective web developers and product managers. With its practical curriculum and strong connection to the tech industry, it prepares students for a successful career in web development. In addition to technical instruction, Le Wagon also attaches great importance to the development of soft skills. Students learn to work in teams, present their projects and communicate effectively - skills that are in high demand in the tech industry.


IronHack was founded in Spain in 2013 and has since developed into an international programming school with locations around the world. The Berlin location is one of the most popular and best-known. Classes consist of a mix of lectures, practical exercises and projects. Students have the opportunity to work on real projects and apply their skills in practice.

Here are some of the more than 20 coding schools in Berlin:


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