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Berlin is knorke: Painter robot for the construction industry

24. April 2023 – The Berlin start-up ConBotics is made up of a dynamic team – and a mobile lightweight robot that will be used in the future as an automated solution for precise surface coatings. This robotics application was awarded the Berlin Brandenburg 2022 Innovation Prize.

The so-called painter robot from ConBotics consists of an innovative interaction of different robotic elements. An autonomous, mobile platform forms the basis on which a standard paint spraying device and the self-developed robotic arm are attached. During use, the painter robot independently recognises and orients itself to its surroundings. The robot arm then carries out the surface coating of walls and ceilings using the so-called airless paint spraying technique. This ensures that large areas and hard-to-reach areas are evenly covered with paint.

In addition to precision, the painter robot also brings efficiency with it. In this way, it can carry out orders twice as quickly and with less personnel. While the robot goes about its work, its human colleagues can carry out other activities, such as preparing additional rooms, masking or painting door frames. 


ConBotics is a start-up from the Centre for Entrepreneurship at the TU Berlin. Berlin Partner supported the young company on issues such as funding and financing as well as the search for skilled workers. With its headquarters in the CHIC Innovation Centre in Berlin Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, ConBotics is networked with the robotics community as well as stakeholders from business and science. The painter robot is the first product of the company, which specialises in the development of robotic solutions for the construction industry. With the painter robot, ConBotics would like to provide painters with an innovative tool with which they can work even more efficiently and avoid health problems. It is not about replacing skilled workers, rather it is about a smart and meaningful division of work that allows painting companies an added value in terms of time.


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