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Berlin is knorke: the cheese of the future

30. January 2023  100% vegan cheese: The biotech company Formo is a food company producing sustainable, healthy and animal-free dairy products of the future. In the process, microorganisms are cultivated to produce animal-free milk proteins which can then be used to create various artisanal cheeses. In addition to fresh Mozzarella and Ricotta, they also produce soft cheeses for melting on pizzas. More varieties to follow.

The cultivated dairy products are based on real, animal-free milk proteins produced as a result of precision fermentation. The focus of this future-orientated company is a transformation to a more sustainable and ethical food regime.

Sandra Wilde, Head of Food Science at Formo: “Everything we do at Formo contributes to our vision of ‘a better planet through sustainable food’. The food industry alone is responsible for around 26 percent of global greenhouse gases, which represents the greatest potential for positive change. Our goal is to supply ten percent of the European cheese market with our products by 2030 to proactively achieve climate targets. We want to drive a paradigm shift so that we can produce food that isn’t derived from livestock farming but without sacrificing taste.”

The startup was founded by Raffael Wohlgensinger and Dr Britta Winterberg with the vision of proactively contributing to achieving climate targets. Following a new round of financing by investors of around 50 million euros in summer 2021, the team has grown from 30 to 70 employees with two new sites.


One location is the ‘Food Forum’ in Berlin, the home of food scientists, product developers and managers. Conversations about the future of the food industry are encouraged by an international team here. The location is also intended to bring the food, climate protection and startup communities together.


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