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New Deep Tech Hub for Berlin

Berlin, 27 May 2024 - A Deep Tech Hub is being created in Berlin – a new hub for the growing ecosystem of research institutes, startups and SMEs that are developing ground-breaking technology-based innovations from scientific findings. The strategic initiative is a cooperation between the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises, Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH and MotionLab.Berlin, where the activities of the Deep Tech Hub will be based. The basis for this is a cooperation agreement which was signed this Monday, 27 May, between Senator for Economic Affairs Franziska Giffey, Commercial Director Sebastian Holtgrewe and CEO Dr. Stefan Franzke from Berlin Partner and René Giese, Managing Director of MotionLab.Berlin.

The main goal is to promote the development of future-oriented technologies, to support Deep Tech startups successfully as they enter the market and to network with potential investors. By means of its activities, the new hub will also strengthen Berlin’s visibility and attractiveness as a leading Deep Tech location both nationally and internationally. This is in line with the vision of MotionLab.Berlin. At two Berlin locations in Treptow and Marzahn, it offers space and a wide range of resources for startups and companies that work at the interface of technology and sustainability.

Franziska Giffey, Senator for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises emphasises the importance for Berlin: “We are working to make Berlin the number one centre of innovation in Europe. Our universities and research institutes are already among the hottest Deep Tech addresses. We want to utilise this potential even better and facilitate the path from scientific findings to innovative products. From robots that support care in hospitals, to technologies that reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, to new smart drone systems that can deliver materials to the most remote places: Deep Tech innovations made in Berlin are in use for people and can improve their everyday lives in many ways. With advice and networking, digital offers and state-of-the-art technical infrastructure, the Deep Tech Hub acts as a catalyst for new groundbreaking developments. In doing so, we are creating a new address for Berlin’s Deep Tech ecosystem, which also sharpens the international visibility of our location.”

This is what Fridtjof Gustavs, Managing Director of MotionLab.Berlin, says about the opening of the Deep Tech Hub: “The Deep Tech Hub Berlin is a very important milestone for the innovation landscape in Germany. If we want to resolve the challenges of our time, we need more than just an app. We need to break down barriers to pave the way for the brightest minds in the scene to bring pioneering technologies to the market. Only then will we be able to work together to create a future worth living for everyone. We look forward to gathering resources and expertise with strong partners, promoting Deep Tech technologies and making Berlin an international hotspot for Deep Tech.”

Dr. Stefan Franzke, Managing Director of Berlin Partner: “With our close-knit network of universities, research institutions, incubators and accelerators as well as the diverse startup scene, Berlin offers great potential for Deep Tech innovations. The field of digitalisation in particular, as well as robotics and quantum technology, are of great importance for Berlin’s economic development. As Berlin Partner, we support networking with Berlin stakeholders and cluster players as well as with other ecosystems across Germany and Europe.”


Offer of the Deep Tech Hub Berlin

The Deep Tech Hub is intended to promote the transfer between research and industry by offering space for development and prototyping, for example. From June 2024, startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, investors and research institutions can become part of the Deep Tech Hub Berlin. With an annual membership, which is priced according to the size of the company, access to knowledge, capital and technology is offered through a moderated exchange with national and international stakeholders. A Deep Tech Hub membership enables partially discounted or free participation in industry-relevant events, workshops, business delegation trips and trade fairs. From September, members will also have access to a digital database that will enable them to get in direct contact with all important production companies, suppliers, engineering offices and technical experts.


About Deep Tech Berlin

Berlin has positioned itself as one of the leading locations for Deep Tech in Germany and Europe. According to the European Deep Tech Report 2023 by, Berlin is one of the most important Deep Tech clusters in Europe. Technische Universität, Freie Universität and Humboldt-Universität are among the top 15 European universities that produce the most and most valuable Deep Tech spin-offs. Overall, Berlin offers a unique innovation environment with its almost 30 universities and over 80 non-university research institutes. Deep Tech is experiencing particularly strong growth in the areas of Web 3.0/Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. More than 400 Deep Tech companies are currently listed in the Startup Map Berlin.

Deep Tech refers to advanced technologies that are based on scientific breakthroughs and engineering innovations. These technologies have the potential to bring about fundamental changes in various sectors and fields of application. The development of appropriate solutions and products for companies poses particular challenges due to the combination of hardware and software components. These include long development processes, high innovation costs and a high entrepreneurial risk. As part of the Deep Tech Berlin campaign, the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises is highlighting particularly innovative technologies and their areas of application. Since 2015, outstanding achievements in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, photonics and quantum technologies, robotics, sustainable & social impact as well as Web3.0 - DLT, blockchain, NFT & metaverse have been honoured with the Deep Tech Award every year. The award ceremony will be held on 11 July 2024.



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