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Strong Women, for a Strong Berlin.

For over 100 years now, International Women's Day has taken place on 8th March and is even a public holiday for us Berliners. Since 1911, the day has been used to draw attention to women's rights and gender equality around the world. On this occasion, we would like to introduce you to four strong women from our network, who are representative of all the women who enrich our world. Berlin Partner wishes you all the best for International Women's Day and lots of inspiration, motivation and fun while reading!

Interview 1: Ulrike Teschke, Managing Director of the Tagesspiegel

  1. What I’m proud of: Being able to run a great media company like the Tagesspiegel!
  2. What I would advise my younger self to do: Be bold and ready for a leadership position.
  3. What’s missing in terms of greater equality: Equal pay for men and women in the same position.
  4. My tip for positioning yourself as a strong woman in a company: Have a high level of professional qualifications and some assertiveness.
  5. What role do networks play for me: I think networks are extremely important when it comes to being perceived as a strong leader and being socially visible.
  6. What I never want to be asked again: How I managed to get into a leadership position as a single mother.


Interview 2: Mona Rübsamen, Managing Partner and Programme Director at the radio station 100.6 FluxFM

  1. What I’m proud of: I worked at MTV Europe before I started the company. I was in London regularly and learned an incredible amount, especially about how to think "out of the box". With FluxFM, my business partner, Markus Kühn, and I have built up a media company that offers a platform for a large number of young artists and also provides the team with a free space for creativity and development – just like I had at MTV back then. I’m proud of that!
  2. What I would advise my younger self to do: Appreciate yourself with all your strengths and supposed weaknesses, stand by your values and beliefs, enjoy discourse, agree to disagree. This is the basis for successful communication and enables humorous sparring even in the event of a dispute, creates sustainable connections and saves a lot of nerves!
  3. What’s missing in terms of greater equality: I would like to see the realisation that things work better together. That different experiences, perspectives and strategies lead to a better result. Listening and asking instead of turf wars and postulating interpretive sovereignty.
  4. My tip for positioning yourself as a strong woman in a company: Say what is important, but in short sentences, present your own achievements and draw the spotlight onto yourself with good stories. At the same time also train the strength and determination to endure ambiguity. I recommend the TED-talk by Brene Brown "The power of vulnerability". Vulnerability or thoughtfulness also has its place in business; a struggle for shared values is worthwhile, even if it is sometimes arduous.
  5. What role do networks play for me: Networks create exchange, connection, bundle knowledge and ideas and provide insights into other areas of life and work!
  6. What I never want to be asked again:  You can ask me anything! How to start a radio station, turn it into a brand, even to the point of being named the best radio station in the world in Los Angeles, the challenges as a media entrepreneur in the digital transformation – that's what I like to talk about. Less happy to talk about resource inequality in dual broadcasting with full international competition broadside, the topic is full-length.....


Interview 3: Anette Weller, Member of the Executive Board Gegenbauer Holding SE & Co. KG


  1. What I’m proud of: That here at Gegenbauer, we are on a very good path to positioning and supporting women at all management levels. With 50 percent women on the Executive Board, Gegenbauer is already setting standards in terms of gender-equal representation in management responsibility.
  2. What I would advise my younger self to do: People behave in very different ways. Learn to understand what drives and motivates them and you will become more effective in the interaction.
  3. What’s missing in terms of greater equality: We’ll be there once we no longer have totalk about it – because all people are treated equally.
  4. My tip for positioning yourself as a strong woman in the company: Undertake tasks that contribute to visibility within the company, complete and communicate in a professional manner.
  5. What role do networks play for me: Networks are important – in the best case they foster familiarity with new perspectives, inspire, bundle strengths and provide important contacts – both in business and private spheres.


Interview 4: Dr. Tanja Wielgoß, CEO Vattenfall Wärme Berlin AG and CEO BU Heat Berlin

  1. What I’m proud of: I am a classic mum: I’m super proud of my kids :-). And then, of course, I’m currently also really proud of my team here at Vattenfall Wärme. We are standing together in times that demand much of us – at this point the triad of challenges which see us stuck in the centre of a storm: Corona (fortunately for me now fading out), climate protection and war in Ukraine.
  2. What I would advise my younger self to do: 
    Don't take things so narrowly and lay off the perfectionism – everything will turn out the way it should.
  3. What’s missing in terms of greater equality:
    40% women or also men (e.g. in daycare centers, nursing professions or in HR) in all important areas of life. Clear goals help to make this a reality.
  4. My tip for positioning yourself as a strong woman in the company:
    Take your happiness into your own hands! The will to help shape the future. Playing an active role is also very important. Don't be swayed from YOUR path by what others would do in the situation. Stand by your convictions and confidently for what you want to achieve – with your own personal style.
  5. What role do networks play for me:
    The tasks we need to face are currently getting bigger and bigger for me: climate change, pandemic. And now even the unthinkable: war in Europe. We cannot overcome any of these crises without networks, partnerships, and collective action. If we all pull together, we will succeed in getting through all this. 
  6. What I never want to be asked again
    I don't currently know of any question that I would consider taboo. My only wish would be for this question to be put to others in a similar position 😊.


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