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Berlin economy shows resilience

1. March 2023 – The economy of the capital defies the crises and continues to develop positively - albeit at a somewhat slower pace. The 2022 balance sheet figures of Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH confirm this: Berlin Partner supported companies in 239 projects, creating a total of 8389 new jobs in the capital. A record sum of around 1.1 billion euros is being invested. What shows: In Berlin, the heart continues to beat digitally. About half of the jobs are created in the future-oriented sectors of ICT, media and creative industries. 517 million euros (and thus almost half of the planned investments) will also flow into these areas.

As a business promoter, Berlin Partner accompanies companies across all sectors, both when settling in Berlin and while growing there, networks them in the region, provides information about funding opportunities and advises them on the search for suitable personnel. Last year, 73 companies settled in Berlin, 49 of them from abroad.  Most come from Europe (32%), followed by North, Latin and South America with 14%. The share of those from the Middle East, East and Oceania is 12%.

The projects supported by Berlin Partner provide important economic impulses for the entire Berlin economy: According to calculations by the economists at IBB (Investitionsbank Berlin), the additional investment and employment effects triggered by Berlin Partner will support gross domestic product by a total of 1.9 billion euros in the period 2022 to 2024. In the same period, public revenues will increase by almost 260 million euros due to the additional value-added effects.

Berlin was also the start-up capital of the country in 2022 and thus a top location for founders. In terms of deal volume, the capital is the undisputed leader. In total, start-ups received almost 4.9 billion euros last year, meaning that almost every second euro invested went to Berlin. Bavaria follows in 2nd place (2.4 billion euros), ahead of Baden-Württemberg with 646 million euros. Berlin is also ahead when it comes to the number of deals. 367 Berlin start-ups received financing and were able to unite 39 percent of the nationwide counted financing rounds. Bavaria is in second place, followed by North Rhine-Westphalia.

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