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Life Sciences Report 2022 | 2023

The capital region defies all crises when one looks at the health industry sector. This is shown by the current Life Sciences Report 2022/2023 Berlin-Brandenburg of the Health Industry Cluster. The dynamic life sciences ecosystem in Berlin-Brandenburg is in the midst of a transformation process. The report provides an impressive and compact overview of forward-looking topics and shows the vibrancy and innovative power of the ecosystem. The report highlights six areas with exceptionally strong research and knowledge transfer activities: Cell and gene therapies, computational biology and medical informatics, precision diagnostics, artificial intelligence applications in imaging, and additive manufacturing and sensor technology.

The unique concentration of science, clinics, and business as well as the associated networking opportunities have long been one of the region's greatest strengths. Therefore, it is not surprising that this highly innovative ecosystem was ranked third among the world's leading health industry centres in a benchmarking study. This is not least due to the great commitment of the health industry cluster, which has set itself the goal of further expanding the region internationally.



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