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Berlin against anti-Semitism - new statements

1. Statement: Carsten Jung, CEO, Berliner Volksbank eG

Why are you committed to the initiative?
This initiative deserves support from everybody for whom humanity, tolerance, placidity and consideration of the individual are the steadfast foundation of our free society. We must be courageous and determined against anti-Semitism, intolerance, nationalism, agitators and the threat of dissidents. With this initiative, everybody has the opportunity and, in fact, also the obligation to actively contribute to this. The team from the Berliner Volksbank and myself as CEO are thankful that we can support this initiative.

What are you already implementing as a company?
Diversity as well as the condemnation of all forms of discrimination and exclusion are already firmly rooted in our current company culture at the Berliner Volksbank. We are finding new opportunities over and over again to strive for an open, tolerant and diverse society.

What is your statement against anti-Semitism?
When I look out over the rooftops of Berlin and see the golden dome of the synagogue in the centre of Berlin, it fills me with joy and commitment for the Jewish community and the Jewish population in this city. But the sight of the dome is also a warning that we need to do everything to ensure that Jewish citizens can live in this city without fear and as an intrinsic part of the society. Never again may we see the darkest part of this city’s history repeated. The dome of the synagogue must shine forever.


2. Statement: Daniela Teichert, CEO at AOK Nordost – Die Gesundheitskasse (statutory health insurance provider)

Why are you committed to the initiative?
Around 5,000 people from 30 nations with various religions work at AOK Nordost. Tolerance and diversity are a given for daily cooperation. We have been committed to this in Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern for many years, even beyond our work in statutory health insurance.

What are you already implementing as a company?
“We are here for everybody”, this motto is a part of our company philosophy. We represent the values associated with this internally and in contact with our customers. We promote integration through sport, stand up against homophobia and support initiatives for more tolerance in society.

What is your statement against anti-Semitism?
It is unacceptable that people have to live in fear due to anti-Semitic behaviour. That’s why we take a stance for peaceful togetherness.


3. Statement: Marc Mundstock, Managing Director, AXICA Kongress- und Tagungszentrum (congress and meeting centre)

Why are you committed to the initiative?
These days, anti-Semitism stands much more for unjustifiable hatred towards people.
Life is a gift to every person on the planet. Nothing can explain or justify denying this gift, this life to somebody, even questioning their very existence.
With the gift of life we are given a moment of time to live our lives. In a community of donees.
Accepting the gift of life means wishing to live peacefully with one another.
That should be the most important thank you for us for this fantastic gift.

What are you already implementing as a company?
We are audited for the common good; we question our values, because we contribute to society with what we do. We have signed the diversity charter in order to send a visible sign to the world. We are a group of different people with different origins, many paths, thoughts and interpretations of life, united by one thing: we believe in the importance of meeting.

What is your statement against anti-Semitism?
I’ll never forget the day I first held my child. So much life.
It is unimaginable to pass on a world dominated by hate, war and anti-Semitism to our children and grandchildren. A good future is a time into which we want to be born.



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