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Discover and test green mobility from Berlin

The city of Berlin will appear at the Greentech Festival under the motto ‘green, sustainable mobility’ from 22 to 24 June 2022 at the former Berlin TXL airport site. At the Berlin Partner THEO stand, visitors will be able to discover Europe’s first semi-autonomous delivery robot, which will soon be able to transport deliveries of up to 100 kg emission-free using cycle paths at speeds of up to 20 km/h. As part of the driving experience, the new, fully electric BMW CE 04 scooter will be available to test drive. Visitors can also learn more about the features of the models produced by the BMW factory in Berlin-Spandau. With these innovative products, companies such as the BMW Group and the THEO start-up showcase Berlin as a sustainable city with future-oriented ideas.

In cooperation with the Berlin-based BRLO brewpub, the THEO start-up will simulate multiple delivery-use cases on both exhibition days (23 and 24 June). Those interested can order the festival beer on site via THEO’s online shop and have it delivered to them.

DJ duo Bader & Bernhard will be on hand to provide the right sound at the Berlin stand. From 11 am til 4 pm, the two Berliners Eva Be and Clarice will spin their best tunes with varied DJ sets on both exhibition days. If browsing the plethora of festival offers should cause your phone battery to run low, it can be recharged using the charge bike at the Berlin stand. This is what green, sustainable mobility looks like in Berlin.

  • Europe's first semi-autonomous delivery robot from THEO

  • The new all-electric scooter BMW CE 04

  • Charge bike at Berlin booth

Sustainability at Berlin Partner

As part of its businessstrategy, Berlin Partner aims to meet targets for sustainable development, both internally and externally. Together with an annually increasing number of innovative and ambitious companies, we work day-in, day-out across our industry and cluster activities to put Berlin on the map as a future-oriented, inclusive and worthwhile city. The growth in areas such as digital health, additive manufacturing, sustainable mobility, energy-saving technology and closed loop recycling management represents Berlin’s desire to make its mark on the global megatrend towards digitalisation and sustainability. We will also continue to adapt our own structures accordingly.

In 2020, Berlin Partner established a sustainability strategy together with its employees and additional stakeholders, and continually reports in line with the German Sustainability Code (DNK). The process by which we reach our key targets is therefore transparent and accessible for the public to compare. In order to pool resources and achieve our targets as efficiently as possible, we are focussing initially on achieving climate neutrality by the end of 2022 (under compensation and for scopes 1-2 and scope 3 accordingly) as well as the roll-out of our own sustainability service from 2022, in which we will support our target companies with any sustainability enquiries. However, in order to compensate for our emissions at present, we have offset our main source of 2021 emissions through a project by the Berlin Nature Conservation Foundation. Here you can find out more about the Berlin Partner sustainability strategy.


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