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Innovative, lively and new: these are the nominees for the Berlin Master Chefs 2022

This year, Berlin Partner will once again award Berlin’s Master Chefs. The independent Berlin Master Chefs jury has now selected the nominees in the categories of Berlin Masterchef 2022, Rising Star 2022, Berlin Host 2022, Berlin Scene Restaurant 2022, Berlin Neighbourhood Champion 2022 and Berlin Bar Culture 2022.

This year's nominees are:


Berlin Masterchef 2022:

  • Gal Ben Moshe, prism 
  • René Frank, CODA Dessert Dining
  • Stephan Hentschel, Cookies Cream                                  
  • Björn Swanson, Faelt    
  • Jonas Zörner, Golvet                                


Rising Star 2022: 

  • Kamel Haddad, 12seasons                      
  • Christopher Kujanski, POTS        
  • Jonas Merold, Merold  
  • Martin Müller, Oukan
  • Steven Zeidler, Bricole      

Berliner Host 2022: 

  • Serhat Aktas, Host, Der Weinlobbyist            
  • Rebecca Bassoff, Host, Estelle Dining
  • Fabian Fischer, Host, Bricole              
  • Nancy Großmann, Sommelière / Falco Mühlichen, Host, Rutz          
  • Regis Lamazère, Host, Brasserie Lamazère     


Berlin Scene Restaurant 2022:

  • Café Frieda
  • Crackers            
  • Frühstück 3000
  • Hafenküche 
  • Terz     

Berlin Neighbourhood Champion 2022:

  • Chungking Noodles (Kreuzberg)
  • Food Technique Berlin (Mitte)
  • Maître Philippe & Filles (Wilmersdorf)
  • Markthalle Pfefferberg (Prenzlauer Berg)
  • Wen Cheng (Prenzlauer Berg)     

Berlin Bar Culture 2022:

  • Bonvivant Cocktail Bistro           
  • Der Weinlobbyist    
  • Golvet  
  • Velvet Bar Berlin      
  • Victoria Bar      


There’s been a lot going on in the food and drink scene, and there is also news to report from the jury this year. The jury was re-elected and will now be headed jointly by Tina Hüttl and Dr. Stefan Elfenbein.

You can find further information about the jury and the Berlin Master Chefs in our press release.



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