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Contact point for supply chain bottlenecks

The State of Berlin has set up a contact point for companies that are directly affected by repercussions of the current situation in Ukraine. Business restrictions may apply to both export and import business from, or to, the regions of Ukraine and Russia. The aim is to obtain a picture of the situation facing the affected Berlin companies in order to provide the best possible support, both in terms of existing services and by developing needs-based solutions. The Berlin contact point draws on a broad network of federal and state ministries, chambers and associations for its support in order to provide timely and specific assistance and to exchange information with each other quickly.
By using the service, you consent to the processing and storage of your personal data by Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH. In order to solve problems, it may be necessary to forward this data to third parties so that they can contact you – in this case, you will be asked for your consent in advance.

In addition, the Enterprise Europe Network (of which Berlin Partner is a member) offers the opportunity to find new business partners via the matchmaking platform "Supply Chain Resilience Platform" for necessary raw materials, components, and/or (semi-) finished products or services. The platform focuses in particular on the following sectors: agri-food, building/construction, digital economy, electronics, energy-intensive industries, healthcare, mobility/transport/automotive, raw materials, renewable energy, and textiles. Companies can register for free at For questions please contact Wolfgang Treinen (wolfgang.treinen(at) from Berlin Partner. 

Berlin companies can register for problems related to international supply chains using the following form


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