Coronavirus - Information for companies in Berlin

The spread of the coronavirus poses major challenges for the economy. As the economic development agency of the State of Berlin, we will provide you with intensive support in this difficult situation, compile all relevant information for you and advise you on support offers.

Already now it is foreseeable that the spread of the virus will have economic consequences for companies in Berlin. This relates to the cancellation of events, the interruption of supply chains, but also the handling of sick leave and quarantine regulations for employees.

Together with the State of Berlin, we want to prevent the city's companies from becoming insolvent and employees losing jobs as a consequence of the Corona crisis. The State of Berlin is currently working together with the Federal Government on concrete measures to support the economy and jobs in Berlin. Berlin Partner is part of the Round Table of the Senator for Economic Affairs, and involved in discussing the effects of the virus on the economy and appropriate support options. Together with the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the IBB, Bürgschaftsbank Berlin, Visit Berlin, UVB, Dehoga and the retail association, concrete assistance is currently being developed.

Where can you get support?

For self-employed persons, freelancers and companies with up to 10 employees

For companies of any size / entrepreneurs


Prerequisite for all programmes is that the applicant or the applying company is affected by the Corona crisis, is fully employed commercially and has its place of business or registered office in Berlin.
Information for Brandenburg companies can be found here.


Further Hotlines

Information for affected companies is now available from the Berlin funding agencies by telephone and on their websites:


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